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Re: MK Results

Brilliant, Helen. Well done you!

You are right about the encouragement and advice you have received, but you are the one who has done the work and the consistent training.

Enjoy your success!

Re: MK Results

Well done Helen. All that training and encouragement from our club has been worthwhile. What next a MARATHON!!!
Now ready for the Mid Week League.


Re: MK Results

I was also out today at MK for the full marathon. And I'm very pleased to say I have completed my first marathon!!! I really enjoyed the course and was able to stay at a steady 10 min/mile pace throughout and finished in 4:22:15 (a new PB).
I also want to echo Helen's words and say that without the incredible support and advice from members of the club I wouldn't have been able to do this marathon, so a huge thank you!

Re: MK Results

Yay 😊 well done . Great results .

Re: MK Results

well done to everybody who run today

Re: MK Results

I ran today too.
4.02 no PB, but a SB.

Hard course.


Re: MK Results

Well done everyone yesterday it really is a hard course.

I did 4 hours 26 minutes and 5 seconds. Was going along OK until somewhere between 18 and 19 miles when I stopped for a walk and after that struggled to maintain a run for any length of time without stopping to walk. So frustrating as I have done training runs of over 20 miles without stopping to walk and feeling relatively OK.

May be my last marathon, it is a distance that I just cannot get a time I am happy with and I get annoyed with myself.

Re: MK Results

HI all,

(relative new entry to the club, that's why you might be wondering 'who the hell is this guy'? and before you ask, I was born in Italy as well!)

i tried this one for the second year in a row, but this year was definitely better than last year. Not the time (3:44:16) but I never walked, and increased the pace in the last 10k, despite the horrid wind and the ugly bridges and underway.

Tough course, yet enjoyable!

Re: MK Results


well done - it's always good to see someone improving, especially on a challenging course.

Re: MK Results

Well done everyone, great results.