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Re: Greenway Challenge feed back

I was at Willian Arboretum. Drivers seemed to notice the warning signs and most slowed down. There seemed to be more risk with fast road cyclists, who didn't slow down and are easier for marshals and runners to miss as they don't make much noise when approaching.

There are kissing gates on both sides of this crossing. This is good, in that the runners are forced to slow down as they approach the road. It's also bad, in that it takes ages for some people on bikes to get through. I had to use maximum charm with a group of three adults and four young children, who were all trying to go through the gate in the opposite direction to the runners. It's at moments like this that it's possible to miss a car approaching.

My conclusion - an extra marshal here would increase our control over the runners and would provide a useful extra pair of eyes at busy moments. I would also remove the gate on the north side of the road (ie immediately after the crossing), so runners don't get held up by cyclists at this point - I think it lifts off the hinges.

Re: Greenway Challenge feed back

I was stood cheering just before the gate at Purwell Avenue, Hitchin where runners turn right to go up Kingswood Avenue. A crowd of maybe cheering 30 locals also joined me with some kids handing out jelly babies which was great.

I think it needs to be made clearer that runners turn right after going through the gate as a few turned left and we all had to bellow 'right' at them. Also need to make sure that gate is open and stays open.

I would be more than happy to stand there and marshal 'officially' next year.

Re: Greenway Challenge feed back

Hi Steve,

The GC is meant to be self guided so, in theory at least, runners have a map and instructions and the marshalls role is to ensure safety at road crossings. I did notice this year that a lot of runners didn't take the instructions though...we will discuss in the next GC meeting.

THANKS for all the feedback so far!


Re: Greenway Challenge feed back

Sheila Leavy got some slightly negative feedback about GC road crossings from a runner at Stevenage Parkrun last Saturday.
It is obviously difficult to get the right balance of what our marshals are there to do at road crossings and 'runner expectation', ie: some think if they see a marshal that they can run across.

Re: Greenway Challenge feed back

I was with Linda at the Willian Rd crossing (Hitchin end), which was fairly busy and having two there seemed to work pretty well, one looking out for traffic and another advising the runners.

Re: Greenway Challenge feed back

Thanks Brian x 2. I definitely noticed a slightly different expectation from the runners this year, the self guided message (and therefore by extension the need to look after your own safety part of things) seems to have got a bit lost.

For ref, this is what we advertise the race as:

The route is self-guided, you'll be given a map and instructions but you are responsible for getting yourself around the route. There will be marshals at road crossings but you are responsible for your own safety.

anyway, great feedback and stuff to think about for next year, thanks!

Re: Greenway Challenge feed back

The majority of self-navigated marathons organised by the LDWA do not have any marshals. They usually have a written route description which assists with whether to turn left or right, etc. Road crossings are marked in bold capital letters on the route description to make the runner aware of what lies ahead. Some have red and white tape in places where extra help might be needed. I am not saying we shouldn't have any marshals, but the Greenway Challenge is just that, a challenge!

One thing I wondered is if it would be possible to have an early start for people whose estimated finish time is three hours or more.

Re: Greenway Challenge feed back

I think Sue's idea of an early start for those who expect to be over 3 hours is a great one as it can be a long wait for the marshalls towards the end of the run. Also this may encourage more people to walk it??.
I'd also like to agree that the challenge part of the event must be kept and maybe runners need to be made more aware of the nature of the run.
Also as has been said, lots of people wearing headphones.