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A big thanks to the helpers

Dear All,

A really big thank you to all those from our club, Fairlands Valley Spartans, family and friends who turned out last night to marshal, help at the finish, make food, serve drinks and generally cheer the runners on. The feedback we got was excellent.

We know most of you gave up the option to run in order to make the race safe and successfully. We are very grateful to you all for that.

Thank you.

P and D

Re: A big thanks to the helpers

Thank you to all who forfeited running to put on such a great race. The support crew was absolutely fantastic, from the cheeriest marshals, our water station angels, the finish funnel brigade, result scribes and the food crew who oversaw the fabulous spread and hot beverages. So much involved in organising this. Hats off to the well led small army of squirrels that made this possible. And whoever designed that lovely downhill second half and arranged the nice cool evening.... I salute you!

Re: A big thanks to the helpers

Re. your MWL 5km distance marker, I came across it yesterday in FV Park, horizontal in the long grass. I took it to the reception of Marriotts School/Sports Hall if you'd like to collect it (possibly by any Park Run participants tomorrow?)

Re: A big thanks to the helpers

Hi Don,

Thank you. We thought that it had been nicked.