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Who puts a castle on the top of a hill?

Seriously, what a silly idea that is. You learn in primary school that it's a great idea because it helps keep the occupants safe from invasion. What they don't tell you is that no consideration had been given to those poor souls 100s of years later using said castle as a pretty backdrop for a 1/2 marathon

Chirk castle is about as close to England as you can get but still be in Wales. The race started just outside the entrance to the castle before heading off in different loops around the castle grounds and into the town of Chirk. For a road event the scenery is beautiful. However, there is always that thought in your mind that "what goes down, must go up". In reality, for a Welsh event, the ups (until the finish) were pretty tame.

However, as you head through the grand entrance gates for the 2nd time you already know what's awaiting you as the uphill road turns the corner - more uphill!!!

I wasn't sure if there was any etiquette regarding overtaking someone who has been ahead puff you for 12.5 miles on an uphill finish - so decided there wasn't 😉 I overtook a couple of people on my "sprint" finish 😁

I thought I was going fast enough for a reasonable time but the Garmin days otherwise 2.16. I'm guessing the heat and the prolonged water stops (to take on enough liquid) took more time than I thought.

It was my first event using am inhaler which made for some interesting moments trying to work out if I should be train it or not. Though at least I felt much better than at the Hitchin Hard Half even if the time doesn't support it!

Re: Who puts a castle on the top of a hill?

Nice report.
I think you're right, no etiquette. If you have the legs you go for it!!!