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St Albans Stampede 15% off


We would like to offer a 15% discount to members of your clubs entering the St Albans Stampede 12 hour race on Saturday 2nd September, organised by St Albans Striders. We would be grateful if you could publicise this offer to any of your members who may be interested in taking part.

The discount code is STAMPEDE15

Entries and details about the event are at For those interested in breaking course records, the distance to beat for solo men is 72 miles (18 laps) and for solo women 68 miles (17 laps). This is an event suitable for all abilities, whether competing as solos, pairs, or teams (up to 8 members). We hope your members will enjoy it as much as in the previous 2 years.

Please do not hesitate to contact me via email or the event Facebook page for any questions.

Thanks and regards,

Ben and Amy
Race Directors, St Albans Stampede

Re: St Albans Stampede 15% off

I ran this a couple of years ago - it is a 4 mile off road lap taking in Nomansland Common and Heartwood Forest just outside Wheathampstead. You can run as an individual, a pair or in teams of up to 8 each running as many or few laps as he/she wants.

How about getting a team (or two, or three...) together and seeing how many laps we can do in the full 12 hours? Knowing how good we are at team events I think we would generate a great atmosphere, it would be a really good team building event and give us all a chance to meet, run with and support members we maybe don't normally because they train in different groups. For later laps it may also provide practice at running in the dark...

Close to home, easy to find venue, plenty of parking, the only downside is it is a bit pricey but they are offering us 15% off!

I am more than happy to run a few laps so come on, who else is up for it?

Re: St Albans Stampede 15% off

I like the sound of this - would be interested in being part of a team if we could get something organised

Re: St Albans Stampede 15% off

i'd be up for this!

Re: St Albans Stampede 15% off

I would like to take part in this. I also did it a couple of years ago and it's a really good event. I hope some more of you will get involved too!

Re: St Albans Stampede 15% off

Brill - that's one team! Come on boys - where are you? Surely you aren't scared of those St Albans Striders???

Re: St Albans Stampede 15% off

Please count me in.