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Doug Anderson 5k

I think Darren M and I were the only two squirrels at the above event last night.

Darren was in first in 18.55
I got a 31 second pb in 24.55 (and it looks like I came 4th V35 in the County Champs...)

Though I would advise against running with a cold - it make it hard to breath

Re: Doug Anderson 5k

Congrats both. A 1st place and a PB are pretty good return for the club ;) Hope the cold goes soon!

Re: Doug Anderson 5k

Never mind advising against running with a cold, I'd advise against running a 5K! Far too much like hard work! Well done to both of you!

Re: Doug Anderson 5k

Sorry - should clarify - Darren was first for the club :-)

Jo - you are right - I have never (save for asking for a plaster) seen the medics at any longer event!!!