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training Sat 29th, Tue 1st Aug

Karen (who has limited internet at the moment) is away this weekend so there wont be a coached session on the track on Saturday

Also, she may not be back in time for Tuesdays training. In that case for blues is will be a choice of "enjoy a run around the fields" or a DIY session

Re: training Sat 29th, Tue 1st Aug

I am heading to the track on Saturday, there is no coached session but I can lead. I spoke to Karen/Pete. The session on the schedule is 12x400m (90s) @ 3-5km pace.

If anybody wants to join me, you're welcome.

Re: training Sat 29th, Tue 1st Aug

I'll be dropping kit off at Hitchin Fitfest and will do a run before, so won't be at the track tomorrow