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Yellow group session 1st Aug??

Is there a planned yellow group session on Tue 1st August? Just asking because my speed/distance constraints mean not all sessions will be suitable for me to join, and I'll get my other half to join me on a run tonight if not (p.s. I have paid subs).

Re: Yellow group session 1st Aug??

Hi Clare + anyone else, yes there will be a run - there will be 2 options:

1) Wilbury Hills-Lavender fields & back - 3.5 miles, under 6K which Monica will lead.

2) Wilbury Hills-Cadwell Crossing-Ickleford Sports Field-some trailsfar far away-Lavender fields & back - 6 miles, 10K.

Take your pick.

Re: Yellow group session 1st Aug??

Hi Brian

How fast of a pace will the 10k be?


Lucy S

Re: Yellow group session 1st Aug??

Lol. 6 km with a hill is a bit too much. However, taking the idea for inspiration, I did get out to the lavender fields this evening but straight down Icknield way with some walking. James K regaled me with details of the route; turn left in 50 m, then in another 50 m you'll come to the tree root I fell over...

Re: Yellow group session 1st Aug??

Hi Folks, I obviously went over the top yesterday!

In the summer hols we don't have a training schedule and we just go out for a run. Last year we drove to some different start points so we could go over some new ground. It would be similar to a 'Sunday' run where we stop for a drink/chat/let all catch-up. I'll make sure these are around 4 - 4.5 miles - the sort of distance we usually cover in a training session.

So I'll revise the routes and we'll try again.

1) Icknield Way - the path beside the Wilbury PH to the 'seat' and then back by the same route. This is less than 3 miles and the only uphill is Icknield Way itself.

2) Icknield Way- Wilbury Hills-Cadwell Crossing-some meadows-Lavender fields & back - less than 4 miles.