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Running buggy question

Before anyone jumps to conclusions re my absence from NHRR this is not the reason. I am asking for a friend!

My best buddy gave birth to a beautiful baby girl 6 weeks ago and is chomping at the bit to get back to her weekly 5k at Bushey Parkrun. She wrote an amazing blog last year on running and mental health and is missing her fix for both body and mind!

As well as suggestions for suitable running buggies she'd like to know how soon she can use a running buggy with little one?

Any yummy running mummies got any advice on this? It would be much appreciated!

Hope to see you all soon, when work and leave allow!

AP 🙂

Re: Running buggy question

We have an out and about nipper 360 which is fab, i think paula had the sport version. My bro has a mou tain buggy which he likes too :-)

Re: Running buggy question

I had the bob revolution and it was amazing. I ran with it on trails and roads, up and down hills...can't praise it enough. It isn't cheap, and the rain cover is pricey too, but I probably ran at least 10-15 miles a week with it for 2.5 years.
As far as running with the baby- it depends upon the configuration of the stroller. If you can set it up like a pram and strap the baby in, then as soon as they can hold their head up (around 6 weeks) but I think all the manufacturers say 3 months, but you should check that.I just went rogue when I had Zoë though as I got bored of being inside!

Re: Running buggy question

Yes, I had the out n about nipper sport which managed lots of training and both the st neots half marathon and the Greenway challenge no problem. It's handy to have a fixed wheel a the front to keep it in a straight line. I did however wait for about six months before I went running with baby, it is very bumpy for them and would be perhaps a bit risky with a real little one. I would defo go on the current manufacturer advice and in the meantime just go out when there is someone else to do the child care.

Re: Running buggy question

There's also a facebook group called 'buggy runners' which is helpful :-)

I would say don't run too soon...partly so there's plenty of time to recover from pregnancy/labour...