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St Albans Stampede 2nd September 2017

As Jo mentioned at the club last night, it would be great to have at least two teams taking part in the St Albans Stampede this year. It takes place on Saturday, 2nd September and starts at 9am. I have copied below the details from their website to give you some information about the event or visit If you read the section under "Pairs and Teams" you will see that one person in a team can run more than one lap at a time, so if you want a longer break before your next lap someone else in your team can run your lap for you. We also don't have to keep running for 12 hours. It's about the distance covered rather than the time it takes.

So far myself, Lindsay, Linda, Yuko and Jo have expressed an interest in forming a team. So we need three more people to make up two teams. Surely some men would like to take part? Going by how many turned up for the FV Relays I know everyone likes relays. Plus if you are taking part in the Round Norfolk Relay this will be excellent training! If you are running an autumn marathon then this will also help with your training! Please post below if you are interested. Thank you!


The St Albans Stampede is an ultramarathon running event organised by the St Albans Striders running club, held in the beautiful Hertfordshire countryside, covering parts of Heartwood Forest and Nomansland Common.
The challenge is to cover the most amount of distance (in miles) over a designated time period of 12hrs – this can be undertaken solo, as a pair or as a team relay (up to 4, and up to 8 person options).

It’s worth noting that the category winners will be awarded on distance covered only. In other words, you don’t have to run the full 12hrs to have successfully completed the challenge. The 12hr duration is simply the maximum allowable time. All entrants, even those that run for 1-2hrs, will have successfully participated in the event and be awarded a medal for their efforts.


Team runners can only change over at the designated area after the start/finish zone. When one runner is out on course, the next runner needs to be ready at the changeover area when the first runner is due to complete his/her lap(s). Runner A will hand the team lanyard to Runner B before he/she starts the next lap. If a team member plans to run more than one lap they will be able to pass over the finish line (to register the lap) and begin their next lap straight away. If no runner is there to hand over to, the runner on course can either choose to carry on another lap or go and find them. If a runner drops out of your team tell the start/finish staff so they can be removed from the register. Remember your team can’t get a result unless everyone has raced a lap. Don’t forget that only you know who has run each lap – the timing system does not have a record of who is carrying the lanyard, so if you want to analyse your performance after the race over a beer, make a note!

Soloists, and indeed teams, can take breaks from laps whenever they need but it is crucial that you ONLY leave the course AFTER you have crossed the finish line. Any time spent off the course will be added to your next lap when you re-start your running.

Re: St Albans Stampede 2nd September 2017

Thanks for this Sue - I was going to do it last night but got a bit distracted when I spotted Charlie zipping across the orchard and then my fearless foxspaniel caught wind of him and whizzed off in hot (but hopeless) pursuit. It took me an hour to persuade her to come back in...

Anyway, my sister is up for this so that's 6 of us.

Re: St Albans Stampede 2nd September 2017

Can I join your team please. I reckon my max could be 4 legs

Re: St Albans Stampede 2nd September 2017

Thanks Paul. You are very welcome and needed! Anyone else tempted?

Re: St Albans Stampede 2nd September 2017

A final plea! So far we have me, Sue Foot, Jo Harbon, Paul Bowal, Lindsay Cook, Linda Aird and my sister signed up but would really like one more person to make a full team of 8 and bring the cost per person down to £22.30.

Is there really no-one else who would like to join us? Or who has a friend/relative who would like to join us? Doesn't matter how fast (as long as they don't mind that the rest of us aren't) or slow as long as they want to run a lap or two and spend the rest of the time supporting/eating/dog-sitting/chatting/whatever...

It starts at 9 but Sue and I are happy to get there early and get the ball rolling with everyone else turning up to run when they can and then hopefully all staying to the end.

Come on - there must be SOMEONE else who would like to do this!!!

Re: St Albans Stampede 2nd September 2017

Gary is interested