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Physio contact.

Hello all . My favourite sports therapist has left the area. Any one know of someone local? Need some work on my ankle. Dave.

Re: Physio contact.

Sorry to hear that you have some ankle issues Dave. Have a look at our memberships benefits page, there are 2 listed. In addition there is Caroline at Thinkphysio in Hitchin many squirrels have been to (me included) who is amazing

Re: Physio contact.

Hi Dave
Shame about your ankle.
I can recommend Nicky Kemp, now Tracey !!
She is based in Arlesey , next to the football club

Re: Physio contact.

Hi Dave

You always have Sharon Gregson in Baldock 07971770447 (discount for club members) or Sports Therapy4U in Baldock (a sponsor for Standalone again) 07521150102

You now have plenty of choices from the Forum.