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Excess Kit

Hi all (well.. the blokes anyway!)
Next Tuesday I'll be at Spirella at 645pm.
I'm having a kit clear out and charity shops don't much care for this stuff.

I've got a random assortment of mostly used and a it of new run and bike kit, (all washed!), first come first served, no charge.. just take it away. And a kit bag too!

If no one wants it ... wouldnt blame any of you...but Id appreciate any ideas how to pass it along usefully to anyone who could benefit.

Ta. JIM.

Re: Excess Kit

I have been thinking I need to clear out some of my old unwanted kit,old Trainers, running tops etc (well actually my wife keeps asking do I need that much stuff, and she's probably right) but never known who would want it. So done a bit of a search and it looks like The Lord Taverners collect old sports equipment to give disadvantaged people a chance of doing sport.
I wonder if as a club we could do a donation as we all must have draws full of kit that's not used......or is it just me?

Re: Excess Kit

Hi Alan. Sounds like you might have found a good option. I'll still bring my stuff Tuesday for club members and start the donation pile with the remains.