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St Albans parkrun

I headed to St Albans yesterday morning to do their parkrun. I knew it was a flat course apart from one small hill and wanted to have a real crack at beating my 5k/parkrun pb.

It attracts a large number of runners so I pushed myself close to the front. I got a bit carried away at the beginning following runners who are quicker than me and was breathing very heavily after the first mile which was probably the quickest mile I've ever run. It was going to go one of either two ways from there.

Thankfully I kept going at a fair pace, albeit not as quick as first mile and crossed the line in 21 minutes and 58 seconds being a PB of 13 seconds. Celebrated with a superb slice of carrot cake in nearby café afterwards.

Thanks to NHRR coaching I have been getting a bit quicker recently. Very happy.

Re: St Albans parkrun

Well done Steve - cake well deserved.