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FSOM Results September 2017

Well done all you runners who came along today. Many thanks to all the marshals, helpers, cake makers ........... who helped make it an especially GREAT EVENT for the Beginners Group graduation run. Well done ALL you ex-beginners - you should be so proud of what you have achieved. We hope to see you at the Club with the new training group.

Position Athlete Surname Forename Time Team Comment
1 A00903 Hansell Stuart 00:18:38 Hitchin RC
2 A00819 Wells Steve 00:19:20 Stev Striders
3 A01600 Purchase Darren 00:19:49
4 A01114 Hayes Lee 00:20:12 Freedom Tri
5 A01588 Edmundson Jones Mark 00:20:27 n/a
6 A00321 Stokes Chris 00:20:37 NHRR
7 A01187 Bellamy Ross 00:20:43 n/a
8 A00779 Schilling Mark 00:20:49 Hitchin RC
9 A01999 Sapsed John 00:21:09 n/a
10 A01034 Jones Clive 00:21:13 n/a
11 A01057 Fry Chris 00:21:15 Hitchin RC
12 A00783 Donnelly Andrew 00:21:23 n/a
13 A00156 Cooper John 00:21:24 NHRR
14 A01641 Koning Aisling 00:21:26 Hitchin RC
15 A01624 Schilling Alex 00:21:36
16 A01264 Godfrey Duncan 00:21:39 Team Trident
17 A01572 Parmer Manvir 00:21:43 NHRR
18 A00490 Brunton Phillip 00:21:44 n/a
19 A01631 Lawther Andrew 00:22:04 Hitchin RC
20 A00292 Goff Richard 00:22:11 Buxton
21 A00965 Rix Tom 00:22:45 n/a
22 A01688 Foster Andrew 00:22:46
23 A00910 Foster Richard 00:22:47 NHRR
24 A00840 Bacon Craig 00:22:52 FVS
25 A00595 Evens Paul 00:22:54 n/a
26 A01610 Almond Jamie 00:23:02 n/a
27 A01606 Frisby Stephen 00:23:33 n/a
28 A00983 Evans Robert 00:23:35 Freedom Tri
29 A00954 Oldham Derek 00:23:42 n/a
30 A00985 Lacy Mark 00:23:44 Freedom Tri
31 A00116 Wallis Robert 00:23:45 Bedford H.
32 A01128 Hyde Will 00:23:48
33 A01219 Frazer Williams Theo 00:23:51
34 A00114 Laing Michael 00:24:06 n/a
35 A00765 Scott Ellie 00:24:17 NHRR
36 A01555 Napier Ian 00:24:19 n/a
37 A01278 Bickerdicke Mark 00:24:24 n/a
38 A00738 Harvey Ian 00:24:26 Hitchin RC
39 A01564 Cooper Andrew 00:24:31 NHRR
40 A01093 Ingram Rosie 00:24:51 Serpentine
41 A01462 O'Connor Lucy 00:25:18 NHRR
42 A01554 Jones Mike 00:25:29 n/a
43 A01640 Carter Dean 00:25:35
44 A01691 Dalton James 00:25:52
45 A00963 Sharman Ricky 00:25:56 n/a
46 A00592 Allen Christian 00:26:41 NHRR
47 A00425 Cameron Grant 00:26:45 n/a
48 A00902 Warrington Jessica 00:26:54 Hitchin RC
49 A01684 Ankers Luke 00:27:35
50 A00997 Ankers Matt 00:27:42 NHRR
51 A01496 Nicholas Esra 00:27:52 n/a
52 A00131 Davenport John 00:27:54 n/a
53 A01085 Bottle Stephen 00:27:55 n/a
54 A00186 Tolliday Matt 00:28:29
55 A01677 Downing Dervla 00:28:40 NHRR
56 A01528 Oldham Louise 00:28:54 n/a
57 A00396 Saban Tim 00:28:57 n/a
58 A01326 Porter Andrew 00:28:58 n/a
59 A01560 Dixon Katrina 00:29:00 NHRR
60 A01506 Penn Becky 00:29:13 n/a
61 A01371 Leavy Hannah 00:29:15
62 A01197 Keeble Hannah 00:29:18 n/a
63 A01330 Trujillo Carolina 00:29:20 n/a
64 A01377 Dalton Tania 00:29:22 n/a
65 A01693 Wood Di 00:29:23
66 A01692 Wright Lisa 00:29:23
67 Unknown 00:29:27
68 A01225 Gill Cameron 00:29:38
69 A01678 Murray-Rochard Geoff 00:29:40 NHRR
70 A00535 Keshishian Jo 00:29:43 n/a
71 A01686 Boysen Natasha 00:29:48
72 A01626 Woods John 00:29:55 Met Police RC
73 A01474 Taylor Nick 00:29:56 n/a
74 A00907 Power Dawn 00:29:59 NHRR
75 A00426 Cameron Lauren 00:30:18 n/a
76 A01679 Sutton Cara 00:30:19 NHRR
77 A01279 Howitt David 00:30:21 n/a
78 A01628 Leaver Lucy 00:30:27 11 yrs
79 A00813 Murch Amy 00:30:38 n/a
80 A01687 Woods Caroline 00:31:08
81 A01209 Jenkins Keith 00:31:09 n/a
82 A01591 Mottram Ali 00:31:15 NHRR
83 A01676 Cheng Gladys 00:31:17 NHRR
84 A01683 Floyd Owen 00:31:24 12 yrs
85 A01674 Eeles Steven 00:31:26 NHRR Beginners
86 A01681 Floyd Joanne 00:31:32
87 A01682 Floyd Stephen 00:31:32
88 A01642 Spencer Louisa 00:31:35
89 A01643 Morris Smith Julie 00:31:35
90 A01623 Olszewska Karalina 00:31:47 NHRR
91 A01354 Biggs Debbie 00:32:01 n/a
92 A01518 Laundy Lisa 00:32:04 NHRR
93 A01470 Taylor Julie 00:32:07 n/a
94 A01673 Barnett Katherine 00:32:19 NHRR Beginners
95 A01274 Emily Peter 00:32:33 n/a
96 A01625 Woolley Mel 00:32:34
97 A01667 Streeter Faye 00:32:37 NHRR Beginners
98 A01660 Mollart-Griffin Heidi 00:33:20 NHRR Beginners
99 A00700 Marvell Melissa 00:33:25 NHRR Beginners
100 A01633 Ashley Linsey 00:33:47 NHRR
101 A01634 Ashley Gary 00:33:48 n/a
102 A01627 Peter Erica 00:34:10
103 A00221 Marshall Katie 00:34:11 n/a
104 A01339 Hooley Clare 00:34:15 n/a
105 A01327 Cook Wesley 00:34:27 n/a
106 A01402 Banham Clare 00:35:26 n/a
107 A01665 Shekhun Davinder 00:35:33 NHRR Beginners
108 A01644 Callan Julia 00:35:46
109 A01690 Wagstaff Katie 00:36:06
110 A01685 Elmett Sara 00:36:13
111 A00505 Draper Tracy 00:36:56 n/a
112 A00506 Fletcher Robert 00:36:57 n/a
113 A01689 Cook Sarah 00:37:51
114 A01675 Abrehart Emily 00:38:14 NHRR Beginners
115 A01666 Bamford Gill 00:38:32 NHRR Beginners
116 A01479 Huntley Perry 00:38:42 n/a
117 A01663 Sandher Randeep K 00:39:22 NHRR Beginners
118 A01672 Kimpton Laura 00:39:24 NHRR
119 A01668 Fielding Shani 00:41:23 NHRR Beginners
120 A01661 Cocks Hayley 00:41:30 NHRR Beginners
121 A01671 McLaughlan Cathy 00:42:38 NHRR Beginners
122 A01670 Godfrey Zoe 00:42:40 NHRR Beginners
123 A01664 Kenlin Jo 00:42:53 NHRR Beginners
124 A01394 Blunt Allison 00:42:54 NHRR
125 A01662 Sopala Jo 00:47:00 NHRR Beginners
126 A01089 Giffin Helen 00:47:00 NHRR

We have one 'unknown' today. I know that Mark Malone started - was that you in position 67, Mark ?

Any other amendments - please post below.

Re: FSOM Results September 2017

Can someone add the fact I (A01339) am now a member of NHRR (or NHRR beginners if you prefer) to the database please. Did FSotM once before back in November 2016 so I'd registered back then. Don't have the time I did it in that date, but it was over 40 min; so thank you again for the encouragement over the last few months. Today was a PB by over a minute over Stevenage parkrun 3 weeks ago so all those cheers must have helped too!

Re: FSOM Results September 2017

Hi Clare, sorry about that because I did spot you were down as an 'n/a' and was going to change it - but it slipped through.
Have amended the database & will be updated in the final published results on the NHRR website.
Btw. Well done on the time.

Re: FSOM Results September 2017

What a great event made to feel really special and really celebrated the beginners 🎓 graduation the fizz certificate and keyring were a lovely surprise.... I actually finished in a better time than I thought I would considering the course is quite physically challenging I look foward to joining north herts road runners and joining the little family a big thank you to all the people that gave up there time to train us support us especially Monica I think her name is she is a lovely lady cheering you on in training high fives thankyou again before this I never thought about running I never knew I could.

Re: FSOM Results September 2017

Brian, according to the results I'm still N/A and not a member of NHRR?

Re: FSOM Results September 2017

Well done everyone - especially our Beginners Group. Plenty of photos on our Flickr site now:

Re: FSOM Results September 2017

Sorry Andrew, I'm on it.

Re: FSOM Results September 2017

Hi, I wonder if there is a chance my bar code and that of my lad Dillon were not working? It was his first 5k and our results haven't appeared. We scanned at the end.. should we have done something else as well?

Re: FSOM Results September 2017

Hi Stephen, I'm very sorry that you and in particular Dillon don't appear in the results.

However, apart from the one 'unknown' at position 67 (given to Mark Malone) all the
'position tags' were paired up. If your barcodes weren't working then there would have been 2 'position tags' unpaired.

Did you get 'position tags' ? What numbers were they ?

In the database your barcodes are recorded as: A00640 and A01007 (Dillon). Please confirm to see if we have a database issue.

If there is a scanning issue we note it, and we also make notes of names of those who don't have a barcode etc. At last FSOM we had 9 notes which were all resolved with possible exception of position 67.

Hoping we can resolve this issue.

Re: FSOM Results September 2017

Hi Brian, our bar code numbers say a00505 and 506 on them. I'm not sure if these are the position tags or not? It's all new to me. Maybe we missed these. We just handed the codes in for scanning. Not to worry and no need for apologies. I just wondered if there was a quick fix. We will just have to come again and go faster! Thanks. Steve

Re: FSOM Results September 2017

Hi Steve, you did nothing wrong - somehow you've been given completely the wrong barcodes. The database is right and I found both your registration forms.

Next time you run, please come and see me at the registration desk and we'll swap 505 & 506 for your correct numbers.

You and Dillon finished 111/112 in 36:56/36:57 - well done Dillon!

I'll get the results amended.


Re: FSOM Results September 2017

Brilliant! Thanks Brian. Dillon will be pleased. Appreciate your help.