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Beginners group thank you

We had our beginners 'graduating' today with their first 5k race after only 10 weeks, with many coming from nothing, ie the couch. It was such a joyful event, with some of the beginners and their families being quite emotional.

I am very proud that our club made such a difference to all these lovely people. With that I would like to thank everybody who gave up their time to make this happen. Especially James who organised the sessions, helper rota's, and wrote the most encouraging weekly emails to the participants.

I hope that many of the beginners will keep running, and even if they decide not to join the club, go out on a Sunday morning and be able to experience this feeling we all love so much.

Thank you

Re: Beginners group thank you

Echo that Astrid, I thought the beginners group did fantastic today and actually found it really inspiring myself.

Well done to everybody.

Re: Beginners group thank you

What a pleasure it has been to help our Beginners go from Couch to 5k. Massive congratulations to them all!

I would also like to say a big thank you to all the NHRR friends who led sessions, encouraged our new runners, helped with the admin behind the scenes (thank you, Phil - the certificates were great!) and Sue for arranging the celebratory catering!

There are plenty of photos from yesterday on our Flickr site: