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Bedford half marathon

Myself and a few squirrels ran the inaugural (difficult word to spell) Bedford half marathon yesterday.

Was an absolute perfect morning for people like me that enjoy running in the sunshine. It was warm but not roasting. The course is entirely off road from what I remember and includes 2 laps of a very nice mainly wooded park.

The course contains almost no hills at all so is one to go for if aiming for a PB. There is a big long straight finish along in part long grass that reminded me a bit of Trent Park finish.

I was pleased with time of 1 hour 46 minutes precisely considering I haven't done many long runs in last few months. Not far off an unexpected PB.

Would definitely go back next year.

Re: Bedford half marathon

I ran the Bedford half yesterday too and agree with the above. Really nice off road course, couple of small inclines over bridges, and the last 3/4 mile on grass which was a bit tough but otherwise very well marshalled and organised.

I was the first woman on gun time but on chip time was 2nd with 1:28:11.

I also met a guy called Ollie from Arlesey who is thinking about joining, he said he may come on Tuesday . I won't be there as I'm on nights this week but think he will be in blue group if he comes.

Re: Bedford half marathon

I also ran this yesterday and as per the previous comments found it to be a lovely traffic free course. It was a warm day and I was worried about over heating, but thankfully the trees along various sections of the route provided some shade which helped for a more pleasurable run experience.

I too found the last grassy section to the finish a bit of a slog but still crossed the line with a PB in 1:48:00.

Would definitely enter this again next year.

Re: Bedford half marathon

Hi, I would be Ollie! Nice to meet you on Saturday, will be coming along on to the club run on Thursday if that's OK.

Enjoyed the Bedford half too, last mile or so was more off road than expected but a good event, managed a PB of 1:34:18 (over 5 minutes quicker than previous) in the end so chuffed with that!

Re: Bedford half marathon

When I heard people talking about the Bedford Half I assumed it would be a flat out charge around tarmac but this actually sounds pretty good! Well done everyone and Ollie, if you are running 1.34 now, after a few sessions in our Blue Group you will be well under 1.30!