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Duck and Dash 2017

Dear All,

What a great day in the pool and on the Common today. Thanks firstly to Paul, Ellie, Richard, Helen, Matt, Katie, Chris and Anna for all your support. If there was anyone else, sorry.
Anyway we had five squirrels swimming and running and how well they all did.

9th overall and 2nd Male vet - James Keogh. 29.18
24th overall and 1st Male Sup Vet - Richard Harbon 31.56
51st overall and 5th Female Sup Vet - Jo Harbon 37.21
70th overall and 11th Fem Vet - Petra Grosse-Hull 40.03
95th overall and 19th F Vet - Lindsay Cook 44.08

What is so beautiful is that I swam the exact time as Dickie. How sweet.


Re: Duck and Dash 2017

Well done everyone. Bit of a surprise debut as a vet for me. Apparently for British Triathlon you're a vet if you are 40 by the end of the year, so I just snuck in. Not sure how I feel about that!

Also noticed that Oliver Brady was 2nd junior in 30:47.

Re: Duck and Dash 2017

Well done everyone! That was fun (and hard after 2 laps of the st albans stampede yesterday)!

Re: Duck and Dash 2017

James least you don't become a vet at 35...:-)

Re: Duck and Dash 2017

Well done everyone, great results:).

Re: Duck and Dash 2017

Fantastic - well done everyone and Jo and Lindsay are totally excused not being there for the free beer and pizza at the end of the Stampede!

Re: Duck and Dash 2017

Great results! Great to see so many Squirrels supporting this super local event.