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Thetford Iceni Marathon

This morning I went to Thetford to take part in the Thetford Iceni Marathon. This is an out and back route taking in part of the Ickneild Way, one of the oldest Roman roads in Britain.

The first five miles were on roads and fields until we hit the trails at the side of the forest. Being trails at the edge of a forest there are bound to be tree roots, lots of them, and yes, I tripped over but fortunately had a soft landing! Leaving the forested area we were on stony gravel trails until we reached the turn around point and from there we knew what was coming on the way back. I just had to make sure I didn't fall over again and I didn't.

It was self navigation with small green arrows to follow which you could easily miss but I managed to keep more or less in the right direction clocking 26.5 miiles at the finish.

I hadn't done any training for this, my last long run was the FV Challenge in July. So I was quite happy to finish in 5.15 still feeling as though I could have run even further!

Re: Thetford Iceni Marathon

Brilliant, looking good for Beachy head!

Re: Thetford Iceni Marathon

Glad to hear you made it Sue - well done on completing it despite the lack of recent training, and glad your landing was soft!

Re: Thetford Iceni Marathon

Well done Sue - I was a bit annoyed at missing this one but having to restrict myself for the next few months I might as well stick to ones I know rather than take pot luck with one I don't! Not a bad time at all considering the lack of training but only one trip is a bit poor for you!

Re: Thetford Iceni Marathon

Pleased to read that you didn't hurt yourself when you fell. Well done Sue for completing the distance without training!