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Round Norfolk Relay

The crew of the RNR are only just starting to re-adjust to real life I think. After a fabulous weekend with a bit of sleep deprivation thrown in, we can only say a massive thank you to all of you who ran, time-kept, supported, cycled, drove and generally joined in what is a huge undertaking for a little club like ours. The whole thing depends on the goodwill of people and that is what makes it such a great event.
there are so many memories and funny times to remember, and despite falling asleep in front of countryfile, we are pretty sure we will be back again.
We got the baton round 198 miles and at last one of us got a trophy (or will do, after we have let them know!) - Katie was the fastest for her leg!
Thank you for devoting your weekend people, it can be a bit stressful to organise and lots to think about but it worked!!
A special thank you to the cyclists - that was simply awesome!!
Thank you Rosie - we apologise for throwing the stone in the sea for you to fetch, only for you to nearly drown. That was one wet dog!!

Re: Round Norfolk Relay

Thanks Jo and Katie for organising and the whole RNR team for being awesome and such great company. What a fab weekend and achievement. Well done all!!

Re: Round Norfolk Relay

Thank you Katie and Jo and everyone else who made this happen! It is both bonkers and brilliant! Trying to sleep all day to get up at 8pm to run 20 miles at 2am in the morning - I must admit I seriously wondered why but if something doesn't make me wonder why then it's probably not worth doing and this most definitely is! My leg was a little lonely this year - starting 2 hours later meant that instead of running with teams of my sort of pace I was just overtaken by speedier teams who had started later - 5 fit young men zipped past one at a time barely pausing to say 'Well done, great running' before disappearing into the darkness ahead but apart from that I was all by myself for nearly 20 miles. Except of course for Helen (and Rosie) doing a FANTASTIC job of following me and lighting my path and for which I can't thank them enough!

Amazingly I finished within 1 minute of my time last year which is pacing that even I am quite pleased with! Looking forward to next year already!

PS My money is on the trophy having something to do with shingle...

Re: Round Norfolk Relay

A super event, it was like the circus is in town. Lots of vehicles with bikes and high vis, rowdy teams. Then in a flash they have moved off again to support their runner.
Thank you to Jo and Katie with the organisation.
We should do this again next year.

oh, must mention the leg with the shingles, a super effort by Astrid, that must have been hard running.
Never saw the night runners (I know it was dark) as we went to sleep to start again at 5.30 am

Re: Round Norfolk Relay

Huge thanks to Jo and Katie for all the organisation - I know a massive amount of work must go into making this happen, so thank you for all your hard work. A massive thank you to all the supporters as well - cyclists, drivers, timekeepers and cheerleaders. What a fantastic team event this is - I loved taking part in it again, and hope to be there next year, same time, same place (but hopefully with slightly drier weather ....