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Copenhagen Half

I feel I have to post about this one as I'm still in complete shock over the weather conditIons of this!

I was lining up on the start line thinking that I was going to get sunburnt and that the heat was going to scupper my chances at a decent time. Little did I know what was coming!

With 5 miles to go a huge lightening storm with ridiculous claps of thunder started. Fork lightening across the sky and right above our heads. I think a fair few runners sped up as their anxiety levels increased along with the volume of the thunder claps. The storm was relentless and stayed with us but there was no rain.

With 2 miles to go the rain came, slowly at 1st and then it began bouncing off the pavements. It fell so quickly and soon became ankle deep. I then turned the corner for the last 800m and was met by a calf deep river rushing towards me. I powered on feeling strong and as got to 400m to go it got deeper and faster flowing. I could see the marshalls holding down the timing mats and equipment as they were getting washed away. My feet became painful and I couldn't work out why. As I crossed the line and stopped I realized that the water I could not escape (it was calf deep everywhere) was actually full of hailstones the size of ping pong balls making it icy cold!

The organizers tried desperately to get everyone out of the river. I waded calf deep through the finish area and picked up my bag, now floating in the baggage drop tent.

After managing to get my dry clothes on I waded around in the mud, met my friends and then heard the organizers abandon the race! By the time we were on our way with our well earned medals the sun was splitting the trees again.

Despite the biblical conditions I had a super run and felt great. This was a great course and definitely worth doing. One I will never forget!

Re: Copenhagen Half

That sounds amazing Jane... kind of wish I had been there... but only kinda . . .

Re: Copenhagen Half

oh I saw a photo of that online, had no idea any NHRRs were there!

Re: Copenhagen Half

Well done Jane for toughing that out - I've seen a picture on facebook too (I've shared it), amazing! It must have been scary with all the lightning.

Re: Copenhagen Half

Jane, it sounds an experience of life time !!! Not too late to enter Great Eastern Run Half Marathon on 7th October in Perterborough. You look very fit this season, you should justify your hard work while you are injury free and before work and kids get your way again.

Re: Copenhagen Half

Thank you Yuko. I really appreciate that. I might be doing the royal parks that weekend but might take a look at the Peterborough one instead. Thank you. Jane x