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Enfield League 1 hour Badge Race Walk.

Saturday 23rd Sept
Picketts Lock Track

I had set a target of 11km and assisted by Martyn and Rachel from track side keeping me updated I concentrated on keeping an even pace. I went through 10k in 53:18 just ahead of target and finished the hour at 11.243km in 3rd place.
...22 metres short of 7 miles. No warnings.

I was also belatedly presented with a medal and 3 foot sword, The Wilkinson Sword Trophy from the Bury 20 mile race which included the Herts County Long Distance Walking Championship in August. This caused much amusement but also concern from Athletics Centre staff. "How are you getting home? You're not taking it on public transport through Edmonton?!?"


Re: Enfield League 1 hour Badge Race Walk.

Well done David, a good event to spectate at, and great to see you doing well on the track.

Re: Enfield League 1 hour Badge Race Walk.

Congratulations, amazing times and success so quickly.