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Biggleswade Open Meet 10,000m race results

Mark Vaughan and myself were the only 2 Squirrels in the Biggleswade Open 10,000m on Saturday afternoon. This was also the county champs and EVAC champs too.

This was my first attempt at 10k on the track, and was wondering what 25 laps would feel like. I didn't actually find it that hard. But I ran it quite conservatively for the first half, then I started counting down the laps and kicking on a bit. I found it quite fun. It's a good event, more of us should go next year.

Stewart kindly came along to cheer - which helped.

Just as the race began, the sun came out and there was a head wind down the finishing straight - so was a little tough on the conditions. However, the track was nice and new, and I actually have red shoes now, as the track has been rubbed onto the soles.


Mark won the race, and took home the trophy he brought with him from last years victory. He also won the Herts county open, and Herts county vets. He also won the EVAC.

I managed to keep Grant Ramsey in striking distance and with 2k to go, shot past him to take 3rd in the race and 2nd in the county open. This is my first individual county medal. I was also 2nd in EVAC.

So Mark and myself came away gold and silver in the county champs.


I think Mark was just under 34 mins, and I was around 36:40 I think. But was about racing this one, staying as fresh as possible, not the times. I'll check again later, to see if the times are up.

Re: Biggleswade Open Meet 10,000m race results

Congratulations both of you - what a great set of results!

(John - you have a slightly weird idea of fun, 25 laps of a track .... )

Re: Biggleswade Open Meet 10,000m race results

Well done, Mark and John. Gold and silver in the County Champs -that is fantastic!

Re: Biggleswade Open Meet 10,000m race results

I clocked it at 34:02 so quite happy with that. As John said, it's well worth doing this as it makes you concentrate on pacing. I did have a guy from Biggleswade AC who asked us to pace him round in 34 minutes, taking it in turns in the wind, so I set off at 80 second lap pace but he never got in front to take his turn! He finished a few seconds behind me, so he was happy and we will see him at Standalone.
Great run from John and much appreciated support from Stewart and Caroline - thanks guys!
Also found out from the Spartans that they were doing a live commentary on social media of the race!

Re: Biggleswade Open Meet 10,000m race results

There is a reason there were only 2 squirrels running this today - most of us have the sense to know that it would be HELL!

Seriously well done to both of you - I will not be joining you next year!

Re: Biggleswade Open Meet 10,000m race results

It may not be for everybody, but back on a positive, there's a whole bunch of runners at the club who I know would enjoy this event.

I've really enjoyed my track debuts this year in the mile, 3,000m and 10,000m. I'll be back next year for more, it's great speedwork.

Re: Biggleswade Open Meet 10,000m race results

It was a real pleasure to come and watch the event. Watching Mark lead the field from start to finish and John hit every lap consistently (and not panic when Grant Ramsey opened up a lead)to ensure he had a really strong finish was not only entertaining but should serve as a good learning experience for those wanting to run on the track in the future. You would be surprised how quickly the lap counter drops down from the initial 25.

The organisers and coaches from Biggleswade AS were also a really welcoming bunch which gave the event a friendly atmosphere.

There is so much potential for this to be a meet that NHRR can really dominate.

The organsiers admitted they hadnt really advertised it much due to a potential licencing issue but i suggest we keep our eyes out for next years event and really look to take serious numbers over. 8 or 10 NHRR competing against each other in the 10 000 would be a great spectacle and also ensure further success for the club.

Well done to Mark and John. Great running from both of you and another medal for the mantle piece.

Re: Biggleswade Open Meet 10,000m race results

Well done Mark & John, great to see the club have more success on the county scene

Re: Biggleswade Open Meet 10,000m race results

well done guys!!