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Press report

Hi I'm doing this weeks race report.

Thanks to those who have posted your results already.

I've got all parkrun and Hitchin 5k results but if you've been racing elsewhere then please post to the forum so I can add it to the report.

any photos email to me at


Re: Press report

Hi, I ran the Hitchin 5K today finishing 20:39 but listed as unattached on the results page. Thanks!

Re: Press report

Berlin Marathon for me. A slightly disappointing 4.47.21

Re: Press report

Hi Babs,

Have you got the team photo from Hitchin?


Re: Press report

Uploaded it to the website but it hasn't appeared yet....

Re: Press report

Hi I ran the Hitchin 5k in my quickest time yet 36.39 but won't be at training till Thursday