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Thank you one and all

Dear All,

Well another Standalone 10k bites the dust. That's 30 of them with still only one in any semblance of rain.

Yes we could have done with more toilets, we didn't have enough cups and we had to start 3 minutes late but it was still a fab race for one and all. The feedback, again, is fantastic.

We also walked away with loads of race and County prizes. Well done to our super speedy teams. Just awesome.

So, how did this happen. It wasn't by accident but down to the shear hard work of loads of you. Thank you to all of you who helped out whether this weekend or during the last few weeks to make sure we got 1356 runners safely round the 10k and about 300 kids round the fun run.

Just awesome.

Thank you.


Re: Thank you one and all

Great work everybody! I'm absolutely shattered!

Special thanks to Steve and Johnny, I had great fun again with the road signs. Really enjoy working with you. It's a great workout!

Thanks to the runners who dragged me along. It's much easier with team mates. County gold and silver is a great result for the team, and some individuals too.

Thanks to the marshals and helpers for making the event possible! Great work and support.

Re: Thank you one and all

Feeling very proud to be part of NHRR today :-)

Re: Thank you one and all

John - someone is far more shattered than I think you are -

In fact she is so tired I had to write this for her...

Re: Thank you one and all

Well done all.

I'm on a plane in France but have been reading some great reviews on Facebook.

You were awesome as always.

Re: Thank you one and all

Thank you so much to everyone involved in putting on yet another truly fantastic and faultless race.

Well done to all our super speedy runners who picked up individual and team prizes.

I always seem to find that little bit extra when I pull on the NHRR vest, but especially at Standalone knowing how much hard work and planning all year round that goes into it.


Re: Thank you one and all

What a fantasic club we have!!! very proud!!
Thanks to Richard, our race director, the race comittee members and all helpers. You are awesome and our event is much more professional that many events done by companies. (and ours definitely has more heart)