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Training Tuesday 3rd & Thursday 5th October

Tuesday's session for blue group is 6 x 1M at 10km/HM pace with 90s recovery on the St Paul's loop. If you raced Sunday you may prefer an easy run!!
Green group have 3 -4 x Bedford Rd bumps at 10km/HM pace also with 90s recovery. Yellow group will be using the Grange Rd loop for 6 x 600m reps with 2mins recovery between each rep whilst purple group session is a fartlek of 6 x 4mins with 90s easier running between each rep.

On Thursday purple group have the Runnalow rep session, yellows 3 x Broadwater Avenue 1.25km hill reps and greens and blues both have a fartlek of 7 x 3mins with 2mins of easier running between each effort.

No coached track session on Saturday as Pete and I will be in Chester.

Happy running with NHRR!