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New members

I'd like to extend a warm welcome to new club members who have joined in the last couple of months, several, but not all, from our most recent couch to 5k programme:

Julie Jones
James Dalton
Jessica Harris
Emily Abrehart
Jennie Andrews
Linsey Ashley
Gill Bamford
Katherine Barnett
Julia Callan
Hayley Cocks
Andrew Cooper
Sara Elmett
Shani Fielding
Zoe Godfrey
Kelly Hanlon
Lindsay Lucas
Cathy McLaughlan
Heidi Mollart-Griffin
Randeep Sandher
Davinder Shekhon
Joanne Sopala
Faye Streeter
Helen Marson-Smith

Please join me in welcoming them to the club and help their first few months be as amazing as mine were when I joined.



Re: New members

I'm having a totally amazing time I can't tell you how great film i am to nhrr completely non runner sofa bum in June to running a 10k last weekend for nhrr now into training for half marathon in February!! What have you done to me amazing totally loving it completely amazed with myself even got my 14 year old training with me and my sister Shani Fielding 😊 she did common today with hubby she got a PB and sub 30 he got 26 minutes first ever 5k she's disappointed she can't yet join running club look go ward to when she can be part of this fantastic little running family too thankyou 😁

Re: New members

I really enjoyed the couch to 5k programme and really enjoying being part of NHRR. I never thought I would enjoy running as much as I do. Thank you for the support then and now. x x x

Re: New members

Thank you for your kind welcome message. I can't thank NHRR for all they have done to date. Everyone has welcomes us with open arms and have been incredibly supportive. Thank you.