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Great Barrow Autumn Double - day 2

I couldn't run yesterday so did today instead. Today's route was Clover and, as Sue did yesterday, we ran it in the opposite direction to previous runnings - which made it look like a completely new run and once again the beauty of Sufolk just took out breath away - or stopped us talking for a bit anyway! I ran with my friend Frances and, having not run together for a while, we just trundled round having a good old chat and putting the world to rights. The talking fizzled out at about 20 miles when the miles began to take their toll and we then pushed and pulled each other through the remaining 6 miles. Considering we hadn't put any pressure on pace at all we were both pretty pleased to finish a few seconds under 4.14.

Then Frances discovered she and lost her car keys... A frantic search ensued with other runners lending Frances spare clothes as once we stopped running we got cold quite quickly. Bags, pockets and clothing were searched and researched, steps around race HQ were retraced, and then she found them. On the table where she had left them about 5 hour earlier! What is it with Great Barrow and car keys this weekend???

Re: Great Barrow Autumn Double - day 2

Well done Jo. A really good time for a leisurely run! I don’t feel so bad now that Frances mislaid her keys - at least she didn’t put them in the bin like me!

Re: Great Barrow Autumn Double - day 2

well done Jo!