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Three Counties XC dates

Here is a reminder of the dates;

22nd Oct - Wellingborough
12th Nov - Wootton
26th Nov - Dunstable
17th Dec - Letchworth
14th Jan - Biggleswade

Remember the success of the Midweek league? Great turn out and performance all round by Squirrels.

Let's show out in force again at the Cross county. Everybody helps! Can't wait to see all those new vests again. Let's get a scurry of Squirrels to every race! It would be great to get a good start and put the other teams on the back foot from the start.

Re: Three Counties XC dates

Hi John,

Never competed cross country (apart from when I was chased by a bull in the west of Ireland) and might be able to take part in Ampthill as well as some of these - Baby permitting.

What's best to buy? Spikes such as the adidas xcx or trail shoes or anything else?


Re: Three Counties XC dates

Any chance this could be pinned to the top of the forum so everyone can always find the dates?

Re: Three Counties XC dates

Hi David, first of all nice one! XC is great fun, and you don't have to run them in summer heat after a day at work, as you do the MidWeek league

Regarding shoes, studs are probably best as you can wear these on all courses. They are more aggressive than trail shoes. Trail shoes will get you round too, but you may slip a bit more. Spikes are better, but you need a 99-100% off road course. You can alter the length of the spikes. The 'best' are 15mm, and depending on the surface, you may need 12 or 9mm. Quite often the course have an element of hard surface such as road, or path. If this is minimal, then you can aim for the grass on the side, or use your heals for a brief moment, but otherwise you are going to be better in studs. You will defo get more use out of studs.

The big races such as the national xc and the Herts county xc generally are spike courses. Ampthill is a spike capable course.

Generally the question going round before the race is "stud or spike?" I normally try and catch a local runner from host club and hit them with this question. Depending if they like you they will answer honestly. Most runners are very sporting on this topic. Most people with spike shoes will bring studs and spike to the race... and even when using the spikes, you bring a key and a change of spikes too, for a different length.

Spikes are also a different running feeling as the spikes are all in the toe. If you are a fore foot striker, as I am, this works great. If you are a heal striker, it's not so good! Defo look for 6 spikes in each shoe too, as some only have 4. However, spikes are generally cheaper as there is very little to the shoes. The cushioning all comes from the off road surface.

For the 3cxc courses, I would advise the following.
Wellingborough spike/stud
Wootton stud (maybe a short spike)
Dunstable spike/stud
Letchworth stud only
Biggleswade (I'm not sure yet, I haven't done this one - I'll find out!)

In terms of which stud. My preference is Inov8. The xtalon are my preference, but mudclaw are also popular. The xtalon 200 are on for £50.
My spikes are Saucony Kilkenny- which are very popular also. These are on sportsshoes for £30.
My trail shoes are also Inov8- TrailRoc.

Hope this helps!?

Re: Three Counties XC dates

Excellent John. Really helpful! Much appreciated. I'm off to Dublin tomorrow but if I can get my hands on a pair of studs then hopefully I'll see you and the others on Sunday.


Re: Three Counties XC dates

I think xc is great, and important.

Here's a blog article from a couple of years ago that elaborates further:

“Vests and mud: Cold and muddy cross-country exists outside running’s fads and fashions” @edprice7

Re: Three Counties XC dates

I think xc is great, and important.

Here's a blog article from a couple of years ago that elaborates further:

“Vests and mud: Cold and muddy cross-country exists outside running’s fads and fashions”

Re: Three Counties XC dates

I love it Ed!

Especially the bit about cross country being a team sport, I totally agree. It's a great team effort. The whole team. We are running for each other. Every position counts.

All the way through the field, everybody helps the team effort. You may not be scoring directly for the team, but you may be increasing another teams score by finishing ahead of their scorers, or simply by adding to the atmosphere of the event. Always great to see squirrels in vests! Everybody runs better with support. It's also great for your own running as you mention for strength and heart.


Re: Three Counties XC dates

I love XC...and completely gutted I can't make the first one :-(

and if it is good enough for Mo...

Re: Three Counties XC dates

This appears to be the wootton course, although the strava segment is 3 laps, the three counties version is just 2 laps.

Re: Three Counties XC dates

The lap segment is the best one to use.

It’s twice round here.

Delapre Park Lap