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Cross country

I have had a genuine aversion to cross country alongside going to the dentist since my schooldays but it probably is time to get over it. I can't make this week but will do at least one of the others.

My questions:

1) I only have road shoes and am reluctant to purchase a pair of cross country shoes for what may be a one off. Which is the least muddy of the cross courses course where I could get away with wearing road shoes, if any?

2) If answer to 1) above is that I need to buy specialist cross country shoes where is best place to look for them?

I haven't got much of a clue.

Re: Cross country


Nice one! Kudos on the interest and the decision!

I would say Wootton is your best option. Race 2 of 5 on Nov 12.

Weather permitting, this should be fairly tame.
It’s early season.
It’s the shortest one.
It’s on grass and trail/woodland.
No ‘fun’ obstacles

I will be in studs for this race, but only because I love my studs, they are my favourite race show. You could wear trail shoes easily.

I think you would get away with road shoes here, but I’d wear some old ones perhaps that you don’t mind getting a bit muddy. Just be aware that you might not quite get your usual acceleration off the mark...

Your other options would be, get some trail shoes. You can wear these on the Greenway for other usage... or get some studs, which are more aggressive trail shoes. Inov8 are my preferred brand. They do studs and trail.

Strava Activity Wootton

If you have enough fun here, then our home race is also fairly hard surface. There is a muddy bit at the top, and a bit in the middle, but much of it is on hard surface.

Strava Activity Standalone

More important that bringing/owning the correct footwear is bringing your sense of humour and team spirit to the race. That will get you round. The shoes just add a little extra grip.

I would try Wootton, and I’m sure you’ll be hooked. You’ll be running parlemant hill before you know it...

Do any others have some advise for Steve?


Re: Cross country

I agree with him!!

Wootton is a good bet, Steve, and you'd probably be ok in a pair of old road shoes, but I would definitely invest in some trail shoes which you can wear off and on road - i.e. round the Greenway, as John says. Winter weather will make those off-road surfaces more difficult to negotiate in road shoes anyway, so some good trail shoes will help your winter training!

Or go a bit further and get some Inov8s - quite a few of us wear these for xc and they are excellent

Re: Cross country

Just to add where’s best to look for them...

I use Sportsshoes

Inov8 x-talon 200 are currently on offer.

Re: Cross country

Thanks guys. 12th November is in diary. What is the worst that could happen???

Re: Cross country

Re: Cross country

XC is fun, you'll love it!

But just to add, you will be probably ok in road shoes but you will slip around more so you may enjoy it less than if you were wearing more grippy shoes (does that make sense?!)