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Training Tues 31st October & Thursday 2nd November

On Tuesday Michelle has suggested an easy run to Fairfield Park estate to look at the Halloween decorations and all are welcome.

if there is a demand the sessions on the schedule are as follows:
Blue group session on Tuesday is 2 x 3M from William Way to Harkness and return at 10km/HM pace with 2mins active recovery. Thursday is 6 x 500m at St Francis at 1500m pace again with 2 minutes active recovery.

Green group have 2/3 x 1.75M at 10km/HM pace using a new route of Cowslip Hill, Wilbuty Rd, Norton Way and Icknield Way down on the schedule for Tuesday. However there are road works at the top of Icknield Way and if they are there tomorrow I will sort a different session. On Thursday greens have a fartlek of 10 x 2minutes with 1 minute of easier running between each effort.

Yellow group have 3 x 1M at St Pauls on Tuesday and Pete will be coaching. On Thursday Brian has set another fartlek of 2/3/4/5/4/3/2 mins with 2mins easier running between each effort.

On Tuesday purple group have 3 x Broadwater Avenue/Spring Rd loop with 90s recovery and on Thursday purple group will be enjoying a new session of Haymoor hills.

Saturday is the First Saturday of the Month 5km so hopefully see you running or marshalling:)

Re: Training Tues 31st October & Thursday 2nd November

I can't make training tonight, trick or treating with my son. I'll be there on Thursday, love a fartlek

Re: Training Tues 31st October & Thursday 2nd November

I was really looking forward to a Halloween bling run, but then I realised I have an appointment at the hairdressers, which cannot be broken, so I'm afraid I'm going to miss it

Save me some sweeties ........

Re: Training Tues 31st October & Thursday 2nd November

I hear the decorations for halloween were really good.
Too late now to see them.
New green group route yesterday was good, no tree roots, undulating and not too far back to club