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Next Cross country race - next week - let’s go!

It’s almost officially race week... all eyes turn to 3cxc next week. We have had a great start to the league, but we need to keep the momentum going. 2nd in the men’s and the women’s and first overall. Other clubs will now be gunning for us!

It is really important to get strength in depth, this is our strength over the over clubs. We have a great overall team. Both strong men’s and women, For the overall competition especially. If you do not score directly for the men, you are pushing the opponent scores back. This is good.

Point to note if you are a NHRR man, if there is a NHRR lady behind you then please be a gent and allow her to finish in front of you. This will directly affect our overall score for the better.

I really want to stress this point as it doesn’t matter if you don’t think you’ll score for the team. Especially if you are a male, and fancy pacing/encouraging a lady. Chances are, you are pushing other teams back!

Having a high number turn out regardless of position I’d also important. It helps massively with moral for the whole team. Seriously, the scoring team perform better with a great team turn out. Please turn out.

If you can make the next XC race, then please do. Whether you are in shape or not, it doesn’t matter. The numbers really matter. And if you are down on your own performance, it doesn’t matter, it’s a great opportunity to improve on going forward.


Re: Next Cross country race - next week - let’s go!

Can't wait, let's build on a strong start! Winning Div 2 of MWL & following it up with cross country success would be incredible, let's go NHRR!

Re: Next Cross country race - next week - let’s go!

Echo your call to arms John. Let’s all get out there and go for it.

We are more than capable of winning the overall team if we can maintain consistency at the top end and then utilise our strength in depth.

Every place counts #GoNHRR