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Thanks Nick:)

Just to say a huge thank you to Nick for sharing some thoughts about his marathon training and how he has managed to improve to such a wonderful PB. I am sure we were all encouraged by his marathon timeline and the realisation that improvement is not linear. Personally the key message that I took away was consistency in mileage so I am resolved to run 20M every week for the next 4 weeks! If I can figure out how to connect my new Garmin to my Strava account you'll all be able to see if coach does what she says. Once again, many thanks Nick.

Re: Thanks Nick:)

Thanks to Nick for his talk. My BMI is never going to be as low as yours, especially if I stop at the 13 mile point for an ice cream but I will be looking into some of the other tips.

Thanks Karen for a lovely meal - it was very tasty

Re: Thanks Nick:)

thanks Nick, some very good info there. Please may I have a copy?
I have a few marathons next year so I will change my lifestyle! cookies out.
Still on easy build up as I still have slight injury but recovering.

Thank you too to Karen, food was yum.

Re: Thanks Nick:)

Thanks Nick, Karen, Pete, Very interesting and useful. My first target it to get my BMI to 19, which should save another 13 seconds every mile!! We will see next April.

Re: Thanks Nick:)

Great talk Nick. Thanks.

And great food too.

Thanks to Pete and Karen for hoasting.

Re: Thanks Nick:)

Thanks Nick for a very interesting talk - even though I have never, and will never, be anywhere near as speedy as you, I recognised a lot of the things you said about marathon training and about the tweaks you can make to improve things!

Thanks to Karen and Pete for hosting a very enjoyable evening

Re: Thanks Nick:)

Thanks for the talk Nick - lots to think about.

Thanks too Karen and Pete - great food and hospitality!

Re: Thanks Nick:)

Thanks for the kind words. I've been a bit busy the last day or so, but I'll make a version of the presentation available to Barbera for the website this weekend.