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Quiz night final payment please

With just over a week to go to the quiz night, we need to order and pay for the food with the golf club by Friday.
Please could the following people bring their money to me on Thursday, or message me below.
Ali blunt 8.50
Jo harbon 8.50
Andy grudzinski 8.00
Helen ferguson 8.00
James Walsh 8.00
Jo summers 8.00
Karen dodsworth 5.50
Marcus farnfield 8.00
Niambh Barry 8.00
Christian Allen 5.00
Darren matussa 5.00
Dickie harbon 5.00
Helen harbon 5.00
Katrina Dixon 5.00
Matt ankers 5.00
Michelle grudzinski 5.00
Sara elmett .5.00
Ellie Scott 3.00
Pete sibbett. 3.00
Rich foster 3.00
Gladys Chang 3.00
Kat burr. 8.00

Thank you so much. If for some reason you can't get to the club but still want to come, please let me know. I can pay out of my own money but need to know I'll get it back!

Also if your name is on the list, but now can't make it, again please just message below..

Looking forward to a great night

Re: Quiz night final payment please

Sorry - I'll be in a plane to Athens tonight ( :-) )

Andy and I will be there. Can I pay on Tuesday?

Re: Quiz night final payment please

Michelle I shall put in yours and Andys 13.00. Have a good trip :)

Re: Quiz night final payment please

I will be at the club tonight to pay for mine, thanks for organising.

Re: Quiz night final payment please

Thanks for organising. Hope it's OK for me to pay on Tuesday.

Re: Quiz night final payment please

Have money ready in envelope to pay on Tuesday. Apologies for forgetting purse last Thursday.