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Club Kit Ordering - a quick reminder


just to remind everyone that we are very lucky to have our tireless web secretary who does loads of work behind the scenes to make our website look great (thanks Babs!)

Part of the website is set up to show off all the available club kit on offer to be purchased by our members - I thoroughly recommend all members have a quick look at what's on offer, and if you fancy a new piece of kit, then you can use the link to email the kit secretaries to place your order (and spend your vouchers)

We are always on the look out for emails requesting kit, so your message will be promptly answered and your order noted.

If you wish to speak to one of us at the club, we are there most club nights to discuss your requirements and will be happy to arrange kit for you to try on.

New members also note that to officially race for the club, or to enter a race as a club member, you must wear a club vest. Please email us with your requirements and we will sell you a club vest - simple!

Please remember that posting your kit requirements on the forum is not always the best way to get our attention - we are too busy looking at our emails!!

Also, if you intend to purchase a vest for a particular race, please try to do so before the day of the race itself! It's a lot less stressful for you (and us!)knowing that you are lining up on the start line wearing the right size vest......

Happy running!