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Poppy Day Run

Not having time to spare to run the cross country and this being Remembrance Sunday Sue and I did another 'Poppy Run' similar to the ones the club did last year. We set off from mine and ran to St Paul's Walden church where we found the three Commonwealth War Graves that are there - those of Charles Wells who died 11/04/1916 aged 21, William Groom who died 28/11/1918 aged 32 and Stanley Free who died 16/09/1944 - and left a poppy cross in the ground by each. It is really sobering to reflect on just how young they were...

The 2 First Word War graves are in an incredibly overgrown part of the graveyard but as we got closer a bit of a path had been mown giving access to these graves - maybe in anticipation of people visiting them today.

We then went on and had a lovely (muddy) run around Whitwell and Bendish and back to Preston.

Re: Poppy Day Run

Fantastic run Jo. Thank you for planning such a scenic route. It was very humbling to visit the War Graves today and show our respect to those who died so young.

Re: Poppy Day Run

Well done you two. I played the last post at my old village, but thought better of running with the trumpet there so got up v early and went out before playing.

As you say, very sobering to be reminded how young many of them were.