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3CXC Race 2, Wootton - Results

Fantastic to see 34 runners turned out today in Wootton. Lovely route round Delapre Park. There was a bit of a hill on the lap. Despite the rain this week, it wasn't too muddy. Although it was windy, most of the route was sheltered, however one field was fairly windy, including the finish. Great to see some first time XC runners, including Marcus and Naimh, who joined the club yesterday in order to run today.

The mens scored 200 with Jim, Ed, Adam, John, Matt, Stewart, Ryan and Nick.
The women scored 920 with Jane, Sarah, Linda and Naimh.

Provisional results are the men were 2nd, the women 8th and overall 4th. Great job #TeamNHRR

Well done to everybody!

Hopefully I'll get confirmation, of the results and also the standings overall later on this evening. So will update then.

9, Jim McConnell
12, Ed Price
13, Adam Bowler
16, John Auld
19, Matt Sayers
36, Stewart Overton
39, Ryan Smith
56, Nick Malpelli
58, Dan Hills
60, Vince Wright
68, Simon Poole
73, Adrian Sherwood
81, Steve Wells
101, Matt Davies
127, Jane Clarke
130, Richard Harbon
158, James Walsh
180, Marcus Farnfield
186, Sarah Mitcherson
232, Johnny Spinks
300, Linda Aird
307, Naimh Barry
314, Lucy O'Connor
328, Ian Sutcliffe
361, Miranda Morgan
364, Karen Dodsworth
369, Sue Vaughan
387, Christine Sharpe
403, Jane Tyler
405, Helen Crommack
415, Lindsay Cooke
419, Brian Judkins
445, Geoff Pentengell
451, Monica Cullin

Re: 3CXC Race 2, Wootton - Results

Well done to you. Great XC Captain.
A very enjoyable day.

Re: 3CXC Race 2, Wootton - Results

Good work, John. And well done to everyone who ran - and Jo, Pete and Mark supporting. Special thanks to Geoff for driving!

Really enjoyed getting the spikes back on and being part of the NHRR XC effort again. Onwards to Dunstable!

Re: 3CXC Race 2, Wootton - Results

Well done my new mug!

Re: 3CXC Race 2, Wootton - Results

Well done everyone - particularly the XC newbies.

I enjoyed the run and thought that was a great course - wish I'd been a bit quicker for scoring purposes, but you can't have everything .....

Re: 3CXC Race 2, Wootton - Results

OK, full results for today are;

127, Ampthill & Flitwick
198, NHRR
267, Rugby
286, Wootton
295, Bedford
349, Wellingbrough

31, Bedford
32, Biggleswade
56, Ampthil & Flitwick
110, Wellingbrough
146, Wootton
166, Rugby
172, Olney
187, NHRR
195, Northampton

685, Ampthill & Flitwick
706, Bedford
1070, Wellingbrough
1111, NHRR
1155, Biggleswade
1164, Wootton

Overall after 2 races

26, Ampthill & Flitwick
24, NHRR
20, Bedford

25, Biggleswade
24, Bedford
20, Ampthill
20, Wellingbrough
18, NHRR
17, Wootton

This means that overall we are 3rd by one point. Bedford and Ampthill are joint top, Bedford have it on overall scoring points.

24, Bedford
24, Ampthill
21 Wellingbrough
18 Biggleswade

Great job team, we are still in a great position. Next race is in 2 weeks time!

Re: 3CXC Race 2, Wootton - Results

Well done all! Big turnout needed next time to keep us in contention for the overall title!

Re: 3CXC Race 2, Wootton - Results

Well done to everybody who ran! Still all to run for on all fronts!

Re: 3CXC Race 2, Wootton - Results

well done everybody - so sorry we couldnt be there due to a conflict :-(

gutted especially because this is my (Astrid) favourite XC course and my first ever XC (even if strangely everybody called me Jamie that day)

Re: 3CXC Race 2, Wootton - Results

Well done all. It was good to be back at their original course though it was a long way from the new HQ.
Looking ahead I managed to find a GPS of the next course at Dunstable:
I'm sure nearly all of you will go round it faster than me though I would hope to as well next time. It's pretty hilly and can get very muddy in places..

Re: 3CXC Race 2, Wootton - Results

Well done everybody. Great running today. John A, do you have female positions?

Re: 3CXC Race 2, Wootton - Results

Brian, I created a segment for the Dunstable route earlier, however, I am just getting clarification of the route, as it still refers to January in the description- which is a copy/paste issue. It used to be the January route. So I don’t know if any of that is indeed correct. I emailed the league and the details on the website are not confirmed by Dunstable, they are just the same as before. The course map link is also broken...

I will post a thread when I get confirmation of these details.

Re: 3CXC Race 2, Wootton - Results

Hi Jane, I do for the scoring team, yes.

Jane 11th
Sarah 23rd
Linda 74th
Niamh 79th

Re: 3CXC Race 2, Wootton - Results

John, yes I also found the links not working, but I assume the January refers to Jan 2015 which is when we last did that route. It was the same route all three times I'd ran it previously, though sometimes they sneakily reverse the direction. Also in the trace I linked to they added a little out and back on the NW corner to increase the distance over 5 miles.

Re: 3CXC Race 2, Wootton - Results

Achy legs this morning but very glad to have our first XC under our belts! Thanks for having us along team NHRR, so good to meet so many of you yesterday!