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This weekend's results

Please post your results here so I can write them up for the papers. If you have photos, please post them to the Flickr gallery or email them to me at

Thank you!

Re: This weekend's results

My first parkrun Stevenage time 38.53

Re: This weekend's results

There were quite a few of us at the North Herts Half Marathon this morning.

The route was nice. The parking was dreadful!

I finished in 2.05.14 which I was happy with.

Re: This weekend's results

Herts half @ knebworth
Good to see some more squirrels out there.
I did a 1:41:05 (pretty tough course) so happy with that.
Agree that the parking was rubbish, I had to run a mile from where the car was (not quite the calming pre race I was hoping for).
Goes to show just how well run the nhrr events are.

Re: This weekend's results

Fished out a few Knebworth results:

Mark Edmundson-Jones 01:56:06

Steve Foster 01:28:30

James Drew 01:42:34

Lucy O'Connor 01:56:06

Ben Ryan 01:56:11

Linda Aird 01:56:41

Katrina Dixon 02:04:48

Alison Blunt 02:05:15

Miranda Morgan 02:10:43

Vanessa Rolfe 02:33:17

Linsey Ashley 02:38:49

Certain there are one or two PB's there ?

Re: This weekend's results

For some reason I don't appear as a nhrr...crawled round in 2:31:19.

Lovely route on closed roads although very undulating so tough but getting in and out were a total nightmare! We left hitchin at 8 and only just made the 930 start

Re: This weekend's results

Lindsay Cook was also there and appears to be missing from the results - there may have been one or two more Squirrels who are not listed as well.

It was a nice course, quite hilly so I was happy with my time. Getting in and out of the place was utter chaos, with no parking supervision when people were leaving so a free-for-all at the exit - fortunately most people were sensible and considerate, but we did see some road rage as we waited in a very long queue to get into the place! We had to park a long way from the start and were already delayed by the awful congestion, so it was a frantic dash to get sorted and get to the start line - quite stressful!

The first half of the race was very congested, with narrow roads and a long out and back section with cones up the middle - I wasn't the only one dodging round these to get in front of slower runners strung out across the course. The start was a bit of a shambles as people were so late getting in to the place and no one was sure where to line up - I spent the first half of the race constantly overtaking people (rather that than being constantly overtaken, however!) until it spaced out a bit in the second half.

Hopefully they will iron out some of the traffic problems for future events, but I'm not sure I'd do this one again, despite the nice undulating course!

Re: This weekend's results

Also noticed that Mark Edmondson-Jones time is wrong - it should be 1:25:31 - a very good performance on an undulating course!

Re: This weekend's results

Thanks. It was a lovely November morning for it - despite the chaos getting there! Chuffed with first V50. Angela disappointed to miss it, as poorly.

Re: This weekend's results

Sorry about getting your time wrong Mark - an excellent time

Guess Jennie A is Jennie Andrews 2:38:49.

Re: This weekend's results

No worries Brian. Thanks - I was very pleased with it. I hope everyone else enjoyed the November sunshine this morning.

Re: This weekend's results

If I have the right Lindsey Cook, because they didn’t have her belonging to a club, her time was 2.31.29

Re: This weekend's results

Thank you, all, for these very helpful posts!