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Training Tuesday 21st and Thursday 23rd November

Tuesday's session for purple group is a 40 minute continuous run whilst on Thursday purple group will be at Wheat Hill for 6 reps with 2mins recovery. If it's cold you may want to reduce the recovery to 90s:)

Yellow group have 5 x Haymoor Hill reps with 2mins recovery on Tuesday followed by 3 x 1200m round the Grange Rd loop on Thursday.

Green group were down for Wheat Hill reps On Tuesday but as you did these last week I'm going to suggest a fartlek for Tuesday followed by 3/4 x Bedford Rd bumps on Thursday off 90s recovery.

Blue group's session on Tuesday is 4-5 x Bedford Rd bumps at HM pace off 90s recovery and on Thursday it's 12 x 400m at St Francis at 3km pace also with 90s active recovery between reps. If you are racing XC on Sunday you are very welcome to come along and do fewer reps.

No Saturday track due to the XC on Sunday.

Happy running with NHRR! (Nuts about XC!)