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St. Neots Half Results

The results from St. Neots half.

6. Ed Price 1:16:18
15 Matt Sayers 1:19:13
46 Vince Wright 1:23:36
50 Darren Matussa 1:23:52
113 Astrid Mckeown 1:29:09
342 Sarah Mitcherson 1:41:56
539 Claire O'Sullivan 1:50:19

Well done everybody and thanks to Karen & Pete for the support - we love hills!!!
It was a PB for me.

Re: St. Neots Half Results

well done everyone!
great day for it. :grinning:

Re: St. Neots Half Results

PB for me - thanks to everyone at NHRR for your support :+1:

Re: St. Neots Half Results

Great running everyone.... great support from Karen and Peter .... they always find the toughest part of the course to cheers us on and keep us running! I do like this course, ashame it's always so cold when we run it :)