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Hatfield 5Ml

How many members will be at the Hatfield 5ml race on Sunday as this includes the Herts County Vets.


Re: Hatfield 5Ml

Sorry I'll be at the XC!

Re: Hatfield 5Ml

We'll be at XC too:)

Re: Hatfield 5Ml

I'm doing it. As a new runner can you explain whats the significance of herts county vets please

Re: Hatfield 5Ml

Im going to be there also


Re: Hatfield 5Ml

Hi Lindsey

The Herts County Championships are included in various races throughout the year and this one includes the Vets championships. The ages for these are

Female vet 35-44, FV 45-54, FV 55-64 FV 65+

All entries must be either born in Hertfordshire or resident for 9mths.

Any race that includes championships should have a box on the entry form which can be ticked.

Hope this helps and I will see you on Sun.

Re: Hatfield 5Ml

I like this race and wish it didn't clash with the cross country (especially as it's county champs), but xc is my priority so I will be at Dunstable instead of Hatfield.

Have a good run if you're doing this one!

Re: Hatfield 5Ml

I'll be in Cyprus so no running for me

Re: Hatfield 5Ml

Odd to have it same day?

What time is it Ian?
No chance to get there str8 from Dunstable XC I don't suppose?


Re: Hatfield 5Ml

Would have been interested in this if it didn't clash with XC