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Three Counties XC - how it stands (we can win the league!)

Last race we had a terrific turn out to the cross country. This has put us in a great position in all 3 competitions. :heart_eyes: :clap:

It is very tight between us and Ampthill & Flitwick Flyers. I really think we can beat them in all 3 competitions.

Overall we are 2nd. :raised_hands: We are level on points with Ampthill & Flitwick Flyers. They have a slight advantage on us with the overall score, meaning they are in 1st place.

The ladies are 4th :raised_hands: - a single point behind Ampthill & Flitwick Flyers.

The men are 2nd :raised_hands: - a single point behind Ampthill & Flitwick Flyers.

The turn out has increased each race, starting with 26 at Wellingborough. 34 at Wootton and 41 at Dunstable. I would really like to see over 50 runners at Letchworth. That would be fantastic!

Of these runners, so far there have been 58 different people. Kudos :+1: to everybody who has ran or helped out so far. There have been 13 people have run all 3 races, so extra kudos to those! 18 people have ran 2 races. You can miss one race and still get an overall individual position, so everybody who has ran 2 or 3 is in the overall rankings. 27 people have ran one race. Don’t worry if you have only ran one, you can still help the team.

If you haven’t run one yet, then there are 2 left. You don’t want to regret missing out! In June, when you are running MWL in boiling heat after a day at work, you’ll be thinking how great XC is - as you get to run after a days rest, in lovely refreshingly cool air, and time to put your feet up afterwards. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Don’t forget, if you run at least one race then you get a fantastic NHRR branded enamel mug. Perfect for brewing up after XC or a long run. Helpers get a mug too.

In the overall rankings we have 2 ladies in the top 10, and 4 in the top 20.
The men have 5 in the top 20 and 7 in the top 40.

We also have some great standings in the overall individual category positions.
In the Ladies, we have;
5th, 7th in over 35.
5th in over 40.
4th in over 45.
8th in over 55.
4th, 6th in over 60.
2nd in over 65.

In the Men, we have;
2nd, 3rd, 4th, 8th in over 35.
1st, 2nd, 6th in over 40.
5th in over 50.
2nd, 3rd in over 55.

We need to try and win the last 2 races. The next race is our home race so this means we do not have to travel far. We will also have support on the course. Advantage Squirrels! It’s game on!

If you don’t want to / can’t run at Letchworth, then it will be a massive help to the teams if you volunteer to help out. This will free up a helping role to somebody who does want to run. The more runners we get the better.

Next event NHRR (Standalone) Dec 17th.
Last event Biggleswade (Bedford) Jan 14th.

I’m looking forward to the social at Prezzo on the 17th - celebrating being top of the table over Christmas :champagne:


Re: Three Counties XC - how it stands (we can win the league!)

Hi I don't think I'll be any good to you as a runner..... But I can help out at the home one especially if I get a nice mug :yum:

Re: Three Counties XC - how it stands (we can win the league!)

we have a great chance of winning our home race, can't wait!

Re: Three Counties XC - how it stands (we can win the league!)

Many apologies for stating above that helpers of our XC will receive a mug. The mugs are an incentive to people to travel to races other than our own. Therefore you won’t get a mug for partaking in our hosted XC. If you travel to Bedford for the last race to run or to help with the numbers then you will get a mug.

You will however still get the fulfilment of helping out the club and the enjoyment of the festive event.

You will also get a free hug :hugging_face: