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Hi all,

Yesterday I ran parkrun Jablonna in Poland. That’s my fourth international parkrun and the completion of the alphabet challenge. This means I’ve run a parkrun which begins with every letter of the alphabet (except X as there is no event yet).

185 parkruns done, 128 different parkrun venues and the A-Z alphabet done!!


Re: parkrun

Hi Chris

How long did it take you to do the challenge and were were some of the more unusual places it took you?

It would be good to have some more details so I can add it to the press report.


Re: parkrun

Well done Chris. And from talking to you this week it sounded like there are only approx 150 people who have "done the alphabet". That turely is some very special partk run decitation from you. Well done again!

Re: parkrun

Fantastic Chris. Which was your favourite an which your least favourite?

Re: parkrun

I’ve done -
2 x parkruns in Poland
1 x USA
1 x ROI
1 x Denmark

My favourite ever parkrun is Huddersfield as it’s a figure of 8, big participant numbers and some nice up and downs.

I don’t have a least favourite, they are all good in different ways.

It has taken me nearly four years to get to this point. But I didn’t start touring properly until 40 odd parkruns in.

The next milestone is my 200th parkrun.

Thanks for your comments.


Re: parkrun

Park run tourist. Love it. Well done Chris!

Re: parkrun

Well done Chris, I'm not even half way to your total. I've got to 57 courses (183 runs altogether), and I'd rate Tees Barrage as my favourite as it's so unusual, and Fountains Abbey as the most scenic..