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3cxc Race results. Race 4. Letchworth

OK, I will post our results after this, but just want to start with...


We are top of the league overall!

The men were 2nd.
The ladies were 2nd.
We were first overall!

This means that overall after 4 races.
The men are 2nd.
The ladies are 3rd.
We are TOP overall!

Every team is on the podium. This is where we belong!

Many thanks to all helpers, marshalls, supporters. And the runners. We did it. Merry Christmas!

However, we do need to win the next race too. The next race is 14th Jan. We need an overall victory to be sure of the overall league victory.

We absolutely should win the league now! Lets make sure we turn out a great team in January. Its still really close between us and Ampthill & Flitwick, theres only a single point in it.



Ampthill 51
Wootton 40


Biggleswade 51
Bedford 44
Wellingbrough 40

Re: 3cxc Race results. Race 4. Letchworth


Plenty to celebrate tonight!

Re: 3cxc Race results. Race 4. Letchworth

Amazing, well done all!

Re: 3cxc Race results. Race 4. Letchworth

That makes standing in the cold with only a chocolate orange slice for company worthwhile - it was a toughie this morning I think and you all did amazingly well. So exciting....the next one will be really good, not too far to travel and all to run for. Well done John our leader!

Re: 3cxc Race results. Race 4. Letchworth

Definitely makes standing in the cold worthwhile it was particularly cold this morning but glad to be part of it 😊
And well done to all the nhrr running it looked like a great run you all did fab well done in the win too

Re: 3cxc Race results. Race 4. Letchworth

Great team effort. Well done to everyone involved.

Re: 3cxc Race results. Race 4. Letchworth

36 heroic runners today.

The scoring team for the men was Jim, Darren, John A, Matt, Ryan, Stewart, Dan, Vincent.
for the ladies is was Katie, Jane, Tash, Sarah.

Great running everybody! We deserve to be top of the league overall. Lets not let this slip, we need to continue this into the next race, and bring home the trophy!

Again, special thanks to the helpers and marshals for allowing us to run. Great job standing out in the cold, many thanks!

8, Jim McConnell
12, Darren Sunter
13, John Auld
16, Matt Sayers
23, Ryan Smith
34, Steward Overton
47, Katie Harbon
50, Dan Hills
59, Vincent Wright
63, Adrian Sherwood
72, Mark Edmondson-Jones
75, Dan Martin
81, Richard Harbon
85, James Walsh
93, Matt Davies
107, Jane Clarke
110, James Keogh
112, Chris Stokes
141, Tash Pitman
145, Sarah Mitcherdson
158, John Cooper
169, Paula Adams
200, Johnny Spinks
217, Claire O'Sullivan
221, Luke Callan
227, Caroline Thrussel
228, Christian Allen
230, Linda Aird
235, Adam Wilson
246, Lucy O'Conner
277, Sheila Leavy
288, Christine Sharp
292, Jane Tyler
301, Lindsay Cook
302, Carine Quaye
306, Joy Stroud

Re: 3cxc Race results. Race 4. Letchworth

Well done everyone, I saw a lot of committed running out there. Time now for a well-deserved Christmas break before we finish the job at Bedford!

Re: 3cxc Race results. Race 4. Letchworth

Well done folks, I noticed all those red vests near the front coming the other way when I was tail walking and assumed they would win today..

Re: 3cxc Race results. Race 4. Letchworth

Congratulations all. Looks like the runners and marshals were awesome as always.

Re: 3cxc Race results. Race 4. Letchworth

As much as we need to celebrate going top of the league, Ampthill still have an advantage going into the next race.

For one they were only 59 points behind us this week, despite having a relatively poor ladies side, finishing 6th. Their men’s team smashed us!

Overall they are a point behind us, but have a superior total score of 84 less than us. This means their ‘goal difference’ would place them above us if we were level on points.

So, basically, we NEED to win the last race. It’s a last race shoot out for the overall title. Winner takes the league. We need to get our best team out in January. We have 4 weeks to have some down time and get back to fitness.

We haven’t done this yet, but we definitely can do this! #BELIEVE

Re: 3cxc Race results. Race 4. Letchworth

HUGE thanks to everyone who marhsalled and did all the other jobs so that some of us could run. I had a blast and the icing on the cake (and there was lots of that :smile: ) was the fantastic result - well done team NHRR! :muscle:

Re: 3cxc Race results. Race 4. Letchworth

Ditto Linda's message. I feel very lucky to have run. It was such a cold day to Marshall. Thank you 😊

Re: 3cxc Race results. Race 4. Letchworth

well done all! Worth noting that we have won overall in 3 of the 4 races, the exception being a 4th place finish at Wootton. If we turn out our best side in the final round then there is no reason we shouldn't claim the title

Re: 3cxc Race results. Race 4. Letchworth

Incidentally, the overall table is as below;

Ampthill 48
Bedford 42
Wellingbrough 42

Great job everybody!

Like I say, that point isn’t much use to us if Ampthill win the last race. But as Adam says, we should be able to win again. We just need to focus. :sunglasses:

Bedford and Wellingborough are very close for 3rd. Bedford do have the power to turn out a good side, so they are capable of winning the last race to take the last spot on the podium... we need to be aware of this and beat them too.

As are Rugby, they seem to be turning more out in each race and they have some very good runners. They were not that far behind our men yesterday... they could easily throw a spanner in the works.

Re: 3cxc Race results. Race 4. Letchworth

Thanks to all the cheerful marshals yesterday, valiantly cheering all the runners on! Hope you’ve all warmed up now. Also seemed like a small army of squirrels at the farm and no doubt an awful lot of planning and preparing went into the great event yesterday! Thank you all.
Pleased team NHRR delivered on all counts and excited about the last race!

Re: 3cxc Race results. Race 4. Letchworth

Outstanding effort all. Sorry I couldn't take part but have been laid low with the flu. I have 4 weeks of catching up to do for the final race but determined to block as many ampthill runners as I can with my wobbly swerve technique.

Re: 3cxc Race results. Race 4. Letchworth

Well done to everyone on Sunday. It was a great team effort. From the roll and cake makers, helpers at the farm, all the truly amazing marshals and everyone that ran. Great work by all.

Proud to be a Squirrel.

Re: 3cxc Race results. Race 4. Letchworth

To inspire you (if needed) there are some pics on NHRR Home page of NHRR in action.