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2017 in review

A thread to celebrate our running year. 50 words max! Only one entry allowed per person! Here's mine:

Another good year. Finally broke 4 hrs for a marathon. More than 1,000 miles run, according to Strava. Parkruns into double figures and some musical shenanigans. Made many new friends and enjoyed being part of the couch to 5k. Loved the races, training sesh's and my consistency from July onwards.

Anyone else care to share?

Re: 2017 in review

Great idea Phil,

I’ve had a great year! I’ve really enjoyed the racing with the team this year. I love it :heart_eyes:

2353 miles so far
Raced 38 times

I’ve met all of my targets that I set last January for Mile, 3k, 5k, 10k, Half Marathon and Marathon.

MWL was great
XC has been great!
Won Greensands Muntjack :heart_eyes:
Won the summer Silkstone Shuffle race :heart_eyes: I really gave that race everything I had!
‘Coached’ my sister to finishing the Great North Run on her own. We both cried when she finished. :hugging_face:

The highlight by far was putting my whole heart into VLM training and totally smashing it! I burst into tears on the finish line. Amazing experience! #BELIEVE

Thanks to everybody I train with, and the coaches! And to every supporter!

Looking forward to 2018!


Re: 2017 in review

Ooh, nice idea...

Proudest moment was finishing my first ultra marathon in the allocated time limits.

Best moments are always chatting away to my NHRR friends on a Tuesday night 😀

Re: 2017 in review

I joined the club in August and it has exceeded all my expectations. Completely shifted my mindset on what I am capable of as a runner and absorbed all the advice offered by everyone every week.

Lost over a stone without thinking about it and set lots of new PBs ready for a whole other level in 2018. Planning on running a marathon and representing the club as much as possible in the New Year.

Thank you all and see you at training!

Re: 2017 in review

Back & getting better! No pbs since 2014, then pbs this year at both 5k & 10k. Loved the team events, cross country & greensands were real highlights, promotion back to where we should be in MWL. Getting a regular group out on a Sunday has also really improved my running experience.

Re: 2017 in review

Great idea Phil!

Finally back from successive injuries. Not chasing PBs but just enjoying my running again and getting back to form. Loved the team spirit in the cross country races and looking forward to pushing on in 2018.

Re: 2017 in review

Not much this year, however:

Mo winning gold – epic!

Greensands: flat out racing with the lads team

Golden Stag Mile: #breaking5 - great night out…

Round Norfolk Madness: proper endurance!

Hitchin Hard Half & Greenway Challenge, plus a 5K PB (thanks Karen!)

2746 miles run – enjoyed every one of them!

Re: 2017 in review

I have had a bit of an up or down year for running this year (need to train more consistently!) The highlight was probably my first triathlon as I spent a lot of this year learning to swim front crawl. I was super proud of the club on the days we put on the Greenway Challenge, Standalone 10k and the Santa Canta too.

Re: 2017 in review

Loving these. Keep them coming...

Re: 2017 in review

My first year running.... Omg why didn't I start years ago I love it!
Started c25k in June with nhrr at about week 4, 3 minutes running 90 seconds well I thought I was dead I couldn't breath I was dizzy felt sick we started again after 90 s I was stopped recovering the next 3 minutes!
Fast foward a couple of months fsom I graduated best feeling ever I quickly threw myself into runs and also joined nhrr best thing I did I ran standalone 10k bling run and mulligatawny wow what an experience Im hooked
Currently training for Brighton half marathon.
And my goal for next year is be fit enough to do cross country league!
Thankyou nhrr I'm in love with running and made some great friends too looking foward to bigger things in 2018

Re: 2017 in review

My highlight has to be ...

running 10 marathons in 10 days - and amazingly doing so with only 13 mins between slowest and fastest!

Re: 2017 in review

Agree with Mark - seeing Mo's 10,000m gold live was a fantastic experience.

2017 was very injury-disrupted for me, but I am delighted to be back in action and taking part in the XC league - albeit more slowly than I would like.

Best NHRR things for me? First, seeing so many happy people complete the beginners' course - a great team effort by so many new runners and NHRR members.

Second, I was really pleased to find some great people to take positions on the Committee and to hand over to a fantastic new Chairperson in Astrid. Our brilliant events, training, racing, socials, kit etc are all driven by our Committee members and they are doing a great job to make NHRR so successful. Onwards to a great 2018 for NHRR!

PS I enjoyed leading the bird run again!

Re: 2017 in review

Less injuries, more running, great company, few pbs, first marathon, place in London next year and a new club vest! Bring on 2018 😀

Re: 2017 in review

For me it has to be the Salcombe Coastal Marathon which I did with Caroline and Miranda and then Round the Island where I ran round the Isle of Wight. Next year hoping to run Guernsey and Jersey but am relying on a waiting list place. Next year will be my 20th year as a Club member. In those 20 years I have had many ups and downs - the downs being falling over! - and the ups being running all distances from 5k up to 104 miles. I did my 118th marathon on Friday. :blush:

Re: 2017 in review

My 1st year as a member of NHRR and I love it.

Trained and completed the London marathon, raised nearly £4k for charity. Welwyn, Standalone 10k and Stevenage half completed too.

Next year, Big half, London marathon and St Albans half.

Dream, believe, achieve.

Re: 2017 in review

Still just loving running which is what it's all about, with great company of course.

Was disappointed with my marathon in May, just felt wrong before during and after. Really enjoyed the Mid Week League as ever is highlight of my running year.

Very pleased to have clocked up 50 parkruns yesterday just got on a bit of a parkrun roll this year and very pleased with a parkrun/5km pb back in August.

Bedford half marathon in September went well for me mainly because I just relaxed.

How many words are we allowed again???

Re: 2017 in review

A frustrating year for me because of an injury that took a long time to get over, but:
- did six new parkrun courses including Fountains Abbey, which everyone must give a go, if you're up in Yorkshire. It's the only parkrun I know of with a time cut-off!
- the out and back midweek league courses where you get to see all our fast guys coming back the other way
- when injured, helping the blue group at training a couple of times
- tail running at quite a few races, the last being at our XC, which was by far the slowest pace but was able to chat all the way round as the last runner had a faster friend with her
- the yellow group Sunday morning runs are always good (thanks coach BrianB)

Think I've exceeded 50 words so I'll leave it there!

Re: 2017 in review

As a club I had a brilliant year.
A terrific beginners group.
Over £4 k raised at the Greenway challenge
Promotion to div 1 of MWL
Record runners and money raised at Standalone
Record number of members
Superb FSOM
Record numbers at Santa Canta
One of the best social years
Top of XC league
New club kit

Thank you to you all


Re: 2017 in review

Another fantastic year but I do have a soft spot for relay races....
Greensand Ridge Relay - watching the boys get a trophy, enjoying a beautiful day in the Sun and finishing at the Pub!
Round Norfolk Relay - just total madness, total exhaustion and lots of laughs.
Which relays this year - watch this space....!!

Re: 2017 in review

Yep, the 50 word limit worked well ;) keep them coming . . love the Club one!

Re: 2017 in review

Having been a member since the club started 31 years ago the club has improved every year with 2017 being one of the best with great results from all our club members. Leading mid week league races and Cross Country. Great social activities and new kit. More entries for the Standalone 10k and Greenway challenge. :running_shirt_with_sash:

Re: 2017 in review

Up and down regarding my running but did manage a MWL and a XC race that provide hope for 2018! Love coaching, thanks to blue group for turning up so regularly:) Best bit - all the wonderful friends who've shared all/some of the past 26 years of NHRR.:relaxed: ... and meeting Pete of course!

Re: 2017 in review

Ian and Karen, love your comments