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Buntingford 10

Hi all,

I’m looking for two places for this race. Has anyone got an entry or know someone who’s not able to run?



Re: Buntingford 10

Incidentally, looking at the enterants list, just a reminder that when you enter races, please use the club name as it appears on your England Athletics membership. This is “North Herts RRC”. Not NHRR, Not North Herts Road Runners. Some races rationalise these down, but some don’t. We have in the past lost team trophies due to people entering under different variants of the team name.

It also makes it easier for our own results and searches.


Re: Buntingford 10

Good point John - I've just logged in to my a/c on Fullonsport and updated my club name to the correct version, a couple of other people are still on there as 'North Herts Road Runners' so they should probably update their details too.

Could this info about the correct club name to use PLEASE be put somewhere really obvious on the website as a reminder to people when they enter races? In the past I've asked around about the correct name to use as I have found it a bit confusing, but many club members don't seem to be aware that there is a correct verstion of the club name which we should all be using.

Re: Buntingford 10

I've added this to the ROTM page and Herts County page under racing. We are looking at pulling together an FAQ's page so this could be another useful place to add this as well.

Re: Buntingford 10

That's great - thanks Babs :+1:

Re: Buntingford 10

I have decided not to run on Sunday, if anyone wants my number send me a text