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Buntingford Year End 10 results

15 Squirrels ran this one today, with some fab support from Sue, Mark, Rachel, Karen and Pete. The men's team was, very frustratingly, just pipped for first place (on overall time, apparently) by Trent Park, but two trophies were awarded to us - Ed Price was 2nd MV40, and I was 3rd FV55. I didn't quite beat my FV55 10 mile club record (17 seconds out!) but I really enjoyed the race - a great finale to the running year!

Particular congratulations to Paula Holm - a stonking time for her first 10 mile race! :clap:

5 Edward Price North Herts RRC 1 Male Vet 40 2 00:57:26
11 Darren Sunter North Herts RRC 2 Senior Male 8 00:59:20
18 John Auld North Herts RRC 3 Senior Male 10 01:01:45
20 Matthew Sayers North Herts RRC 4 Male Vet 40 9 01:02:25
26 Stewart Overton North Herts RRC 5 Senior Male 15 01:03:16
52 vincent wright North Herts RRC 6 Male Vet 40 16 01:07:30
62 Matthew Davies North Herts RRC 7 Senior Male 31 01:08:45
71 Steve Tracey North Herts RRC 8 Male Vet 40 23 01:10:24
81 Martyn Annetts North Herts RRC 9 Male Vet 50 9 01:12:05
107 Paula Holm North Herts RRC 10 Female V35 7 01:14:51
128 Sarah MitchersonNorth Herts RRC 11 Female V35 10 01:16:52
164 Chris Poole North Herts RRC 12 Senior Male 48 01:20:44
195 Claire O'SullivanNorth Herts RRC13 Female V35 19 01:23:49
208 Linda Aird North Herts RRC 14 Female Vet 55 3 01:25:11
245 Naomi Parkinson North Herts RRC 15 Senior Female 18 01:26:32

Re: Buntingford Year End 10 results

Fantastic running Squirrels! Thanks for the supporters too! :heart_eyes:

Tough route that one! Was windy too! Thankful for the extra days after Christmas this year, but still 3kg over weight.

Great way to end the year.


Re: Buntingford Year End 10 results

Thank you so much for the welcome, advice and encouragement from fellow squirrel runners and the awesome support on the course - especially those cheers in the finishing straight! They are the only thing that got me under the 1:15:00 when my legs were ready to give up! I was hoping for sub 1:20:00 so was ecstatic with this! Really enjoyed my first outing in an NHRR vest!