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Training Tuesday 2nd & Thursday 4th January

Tuesday's session for blue group will be 4-6 x 1M at St Pauls. If you raced on Sunday then this could be ran at HM or M pace:) 90s recovery between reps. Thursday will be an aerobic run of 1M warm up followed by 5M at marathon pace and a mile cool down. Even if you are training for a marathon it's good to build a solid aerobic base at this time of year. Unfortunately Pete and I are both coughing currently so there might not be any coaches for blue group this week:( Please email to let me know how your training goes.

For purple group it will be 6 x Runnalow reps on Tuesday with 60s recovery with a fartlek of 5 x 4mins with 2mins easier running between each effort on Thursday.

Brian and Paul will post yellow and green group training later.

No track Saturday as it's the First Saturday of the Month 5km.

Happy New Year and happy running with NHRR!

Re: Training Tuesday 2nd & Thursday 4th January

I’m pleased to say that after 3.5 months off with injury, I’m able to run gently. However, I’m now not up to 5km/purple group. I’d be a little more confident if someone else is around though so I’m guessing runnalow is reps, so it would work if I just do my own thing at that location? If not I can get to St. Paul’s and James K can keep a eye me 😀

Re: Training Tuesday 2nd & Thursday 4th January

3-4 out and back on Bedford bumps, 2 mins recovery.
Myself or John are not running but I hope someone can step in to take the session.

we go longer, Fartlek on Baldock Tesco loop.
I will be back.

There will be a plan for greens soon, just need to get coaches together and decide what sessions we like

Re: Training Tuesday 2nd & Thursday 4th January

Hi Clare, would think Runnalow reps is just the session to start back with as you can always take a run/walk approach and it's very close to the club. We've also got a couple of new runners coming tonight who haven't run much at all so am sure you'd be fine:)

Re: Training Tuesday 2nd & Thursday 4th January

Tuesday - a Fartlek 10 x 2mins - 2mins/recovery loop back to last person.

Thursday - Runnalow loops x 6 @ 2mins.