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women's trail shoes to give away

I have some adidas women's trail shoes size 6.5 suitable for cross country free to anyone who can use them.

I've worn them for one cross country season about two years ago so worn 6 times only.

Just wondered if anyone wanted them as it seems a waste to just recycle them and perhaps someone might like to have them to try cross country before investing in new shoes.

I can bring them to the club or they can be picked up from Hitchin.

Re: women's trail shoes to give away

Hi Babs - I was just looking at the sole coming away from my Adidas Kanadias today and thinking I would have to replace them, so I'd be interested in these if they're still available (I take a 6.5 in trainers.) However, I don't need them for xc as I already have shoes for that, so if you'd prefer them to go to someone who needs xc shoes then no worries :slightly_smiling_face:

Re: women's trail shoes to give away

there yours Linda, they are Kanadias so a good replacement. I or Matt will bring them to the club this week.

Re: women's trail shoes to give away

Thanks so much Babs - I can assure you they will be very well used as my current ones have clocked up 725 miles! :grinning: