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Herts County XC results

Didn’t get the results I’m afraid, did anybody?

I know that both Jim and Jane got a letter invitation to run in the inter counties. Well done guys! Darren S missed the letter by one position, so well done but unlucky.

Runners were, sorry I don’t have positions... the order may not be correct either.

Lewis Cromack ran in the U11
Charlotte Spinks ran in the U17, for Knights Templar School

Jane Clarke
Linda Aird
Jo Harbon
Christine Sharp

Jim McConnel
Darren Sunter
Matt Sayers
John Auld
Dan Hills
James Keogh
James Walsh
Dan Martin
Johnny Spinks

Many thanks to the supporters! Fantastic support! We had the new Gazibo up and it looked amazing!

Re: Herts County XC results

Very well done to Jane and Jim on getting the Letter Of Awesomeness! :trophy:

It was a fun day out - the sun shone, the hills weren't too challenging and the mud wasn't deep. Thanks for all the support, and thanks to Jane, Christine and Jo for turning out so we had a women's team :woman-woman-girl-girl:

Re: Herts County XC results

Herts CAAA say that the results should be on the website tonight...

Re: Herts County XC results

I loved it strangely.... not too long and great to be running a bit of cross country to convince myself I will be okay next weekend. The support and coffee and cake really help to make it such a great afternoon out. great gazebo..... we are sooo branded now!!

Re: Herts County XC results

Well done all you guys, especially Jim and Jane for selection

Re: Herts County XC results

Results on Herts CAAA

The men were 3rd behind Watford and St Albans and the ladies were 9th.

Re: Herts County XC results

The results are up!

Well done all, it was a good day ;)

Re: Herts County XC results

Great day at Herts XC - thanks Mark and Sue for setting up the marquee :+1: supporters and team mates :grinning:

Re: Herts County XC results

Huge thanks to Mark and Sue for setting up the gazebo and to Sue for the awesome cakes. Also thanks to everyone who ran and gave us the opportunity to get some fresh air and support the best running club in the world!!

Re: Herts County XC results

Yes massive thanks to Sue (super cakes) and Mark and great support from Pete and Karen up the finishing drag which was much needed!!