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Compression socks

Can anyone recommend a good brand of compression sock? I had a quick look but didn't recognise many brand names.


Re: Compression socks

I use 2XU calf guards/sleeves. I find them more comfortable than the socks and last longer. 🙂

Re: Compression socks

Thanks Sue, they're for my husband who has previously suffered from achilles tendonopathy - I'm hoping to help minimise his chances of getting it again (such a romantic birthday present :joy:). Do you think the sleeves would sit low enough to support his achilles?

Re: Compression socks

I've used 1000 mile compression socks, which I liked, but the last pair I bought were from Red Venom and were a bit cheaper I think whilst also being very robust:

I've not used calf guards, but I'm not sure they would be quite so useful if there is an Achilles issue to be contended with - Sue will probably be able to tell you more about that though.

Re: Compression socks

Cara, I am not sure if the calf guards are suitable for Achilles. I think you can get something called a compression ankle support or sleeve which is probably more appropriate for Achilles.

Re: Compression socks

Thanks to both of you for the information. He doesn't currently have Achilles tendonopathy, but we're hoping to prevent it returning. A physio friend of ours thought it would help him (he has a complicated set of issues, he has flexibility issues too!) so I think I'll give the socks a go and see how they go.

Re: Compression socks

Socks for success.

Compressport and CEP are both known brands.
Even Decathlon does a compression sock these days. Are they as good? They are cheaper.

IMHO other than what they say on the packet, compression socks
1: keep the affected area warm and encourage blood flow near to the tendon to encourage rehab
2: improve mindfulness about a dicky calf / ankle / foot so you can pickup on small changes and catch anything before it develps further when training

Calf guards leave a bit of ankle exposed normally ... for achilles I have had no success with them however they are OK if you have tight calves only for recovery.

I find that regular heel drops and lots of them (4x20 twice/3 times a day with a 10% bodyweight rucksack on, plus light skipping for training are fast track improvers for achilles tendonopathy.

Cheers. JIM